spiritual truths would help to protect them and direct them in life.

ILL.- Efforts of Carol Frazer, 17, to have a street named after singer Elvis Presley who died in 1977 were finally realized. The city fathers of suburban Whitehaven assigned the name of a subdivision lane as “Elvis Place.” (Actually, I think it’s Elvis Presley Blvd, and when? I don’t know. I think it happened a long time ago) Miss Frazer said she was so excited she didn’t know what to do. Probably watch another Elvis movie. But she has seen them all: Love Me Tender, 107 times, Loving You 110 times, King Creole 91 times, and Jailhouse Rock, 79 times.

Brothers and sisters, I’ve seen a few movies a second time and maybe even a third time, but not 110 times!

If we can watch movies and TV programs over and over, and still get something from them, what about listening to the Word of God over and over?

ILL.- On their way home from church, the husband and wife were discussing the sermon. The wife said, “It seems to me that he didn’t put enough fire into his sermon.” The husband replied, “In my opinion, he didn’t put enough of his sermon into the fire.” Boring and long sermons are not much fun, nor are they helpful. However, well prepared sermons and well delivered sermons can be a blessing and can stick with you a long time.

ILL.- As a student of Ozark Christian College in the mid-60’s I remember Boyce Mouton from Carthage, MO, standing up in our chapel services, offering to preach when the speaker didn’t show up that morning. Boyce said, “I promised the Lord I would never turn down an opportunity to testify for him.” Boyce went to the pulpit and preached a great 20-minute sermon entitled, “Fools for Christ” from I Corinthians chapter four.

Another time, I remember professor Bob Stacy preaching a sermon in chapel. He started that sermon with these words: “YOU OUGHT TO BE DEAD!” Did he ever grab our attention! He went on to preach a powerful sermon about being crucified with Christ.

Sermons like those are a safeguard in life. We need to hear them, over and over.

ILL.- In the paperback book HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY, James Weinland wrote, “A fact once learned may be so interesting, so important, so satisfying, or so shocking that no effort is required to remember it – it seems to be remember itself. But the ordinary run of little facts cannot be recalled without attention and effort.”

Much of the time it’s hard for us to remember spiritual truths. When they are presented in an interesting way or manner, it helps, but otherwise, we must work to remember the good stuff.

Paul said, “It’s no trouble for me to write the same things to you again…” Repetition is necessary in some cases! When it comes to Biblical truth, this truth needs to be repeated over and over.

ILL.- Preacher Ed Bousman used to say, “My desire is to read the New Testament every week or 52 times a year, but being sort of lazy by nature I only read it about 40