which are the same (worship, prayer, reading the Word, fellowship, witness ...) and yet, each person has individual responsibilities of service based upon which spiritual gift(s) and talent(s) with which one was graced.
If the conditions are met then promises are granted. The first promise is, "Then you will govern My house and courts" -- which speaks of jurisdiction over God's house and its affairs. (These are David's dying words to Solomon). If a person has walked in God's way and ministered in God's service, then he is entrusted with the blessings of spiritual responsibility before God. This is the first of two privileges we are assured of and may expect to exercise because of our sacred calling. Is this why we cannot find workers for the church today, because there are so few walking the walk and performing their individual ministry that they do not have the ability to take up spiritual responsibilities in the church? This is the first step in making the church a house of prayer for the nations.
Those that follow God's will and way into service are also granted free accesses to God. Free access is an open and unrestrained approach to God, an admittance into the throne room of God Almighty. This privilege is the crowning favor shown to him who would heed God's conditions. (If it is our high priest's privilege then it becomes ours for He will give all things into our hands). Intercessors for God's people will have the right of as free an access to God as those that stand before His Throne of Grace. They will be admitted into the presence of God like the seraphim and cherubim are. Oh, the unutterable blessings of entering into God's presence like His attending angels. What great privilege obedience to God brings. (Jewish commentators believe in a final fulfillment where God's priests will have such intimate access throughout all eternity).
The blessings which are granted to those walking in His way and performing His work are truly supernatural. Access to talk to God as your intimate friend and beloved Lord. What a privilege is ours--free access and what responsibility is ours also to prove our faithfulness!
[See Maclaren, Vol. 6. pp. 290-293]


This section presents four different images of Jesus Christ: as the Priest, the Servant, the Branch, and the Stone. Verse 8 is a remarkable announcement of the coming of the Messiah. "Now listen, Joshua the high priest you and your friends who are sitting in front of you--indeed they are men who are a symbol, for behold, I am going to bring in My Servant, the Branch."

The Messianic content and thus, the climax of the vision begins to unfold. Not just an critical behold, but an even more emphatic address is used, "Now listen"--Shema 'na.
The High Priest designates Joshua as official representative of the people. The announcement is addressed to not only "the high priest" but to all the priests that wait upon