The Sovereignty of God

This message builds on Part 1 (Spiritual Warfare). I feel it is important to read Spiritual Warfare first in order to understand the perspective of this message.

Today there is a growing departure from the historic Christian doctrine. A tragic product of this departure is that most Christians have lost focus or have no knowledge of the sovereignty of God. When I say íhistoric Christianityí I am referring to the absolute truth that God has delivered to us through the scriptures. Today we are seeing the scriptural warning of false doctrines that will infiltrate the faith in the last days. These teachers will put peopleís focus on the worldly things, not on heaven, and will even deny the power of the Lord. The sovereignty of God is not a secondary issue but is completely foundational to everything we stand on. If God is not sovereign, how can I trust Him with every part of my life? When I say sovereignty I am referring our God who is all knowing, in total control and has the absolute right to do all things according to His good pleasure. There are countless false teachers today that contradict God Himself and claim their word has power over God and their doctrine overrules God.

For the sake of time, I canít go into every area of these teachings in this study, but I do want to focus on the control of God. I recently had an in-depth conversation with a man who teaches the dominion of satan. He could not provide any scripture references, but this doctrine goes something like this:
God created man and gave him total dominion of the earth. Satan deceived man into sinning and therefore took manís domain away from Him. Now satan is in total control and has total dominion of the earth and God is on the outside looking in. God lost man to sin and His right to the earth as well. Now satan is the god of this world and has total dominion over it. Man dropped the ball and satan took it.
There are some variations to this doctrine. Some say that God deceived satan out of it again through Jesus and some still believe satan has control.

There are many flaws with this teaching. You have to do a lot of reading between the lines to get satan in a position of authority. More important than this is that these teachers fail to realize that satan cannot take what man did not own. Man never had ownership of the world, but rather, he was a steward, or caretaker of Godís creation. God is the Lord and man was given the privilege to preside over it. Ownership belongs to God and has always belonged to God. God made this very clear throughout scripture. In Psalm 50:12 God says, "The world is Mine and all its fullness". If God did not own the world, He could not have judged the complete moral bankruptcy of man by flooding the world. When God provided the children of Israel the inheritance of their promised land, He made it clear that it belonged to Him and He was entrusting it to them. The land had to remain in the family. The land could
Great sermon, you preached the truth!