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The Spirit of Deception


Sermon shared by Chad Prather

August 2002
Summary: The Old Testament nation of the Hivites represent the spirit of deception and present a major obstacle to our destiny as the people of God.
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Audience: Believer adults
The Spirit of Deception (Hivites)
Josh 3:10; Genesis 3:1-5

Hivite: To live a lie openly shown; a serpent.

Deception: To mislead by giving a distorted impression or false sense of
reality. To trick; to cheat; to beguile. The ancient Greeks used the word to
describe the pleasure that comes from watching the theater. Deception is
being pacified and placated by unreality. Pain and confusion result from
trusting false promises or believing a lie.

***How many times have you ordered something from a catalog that looks
like just what you wanted, but when the product arrives, it doesnít look
nearly as good as it did in the catalog?

Deception is a very scary thing. Why? Because itís deceptive.
Interestingly, deception is only an option for the Christian believer. Non-
believers are ďled astray.Ē In order to be deceived you must have some truth
to measure the error by.

Gen. 3:1-5
The subtle attempt of Satan has always been to undermine the authority of
the word of God. Deception compromises Divine provision and protection.

Why does Satan deceive? Satan cannot create anything. All he can do is
manipulate and maneuver what has been created. Since he cannot match
Godís power, Satan has to maximize the power he has, and deception is his
strong suit. He has turned deception into an art form.

The greatest guard against deception is revealed, not communicated,
knowledge. This knowledge concerning the tree had been communicated
through Adam to Eve...not revealed to Eve from God. Adam was created
received Godís instructions and then Eve was formed. She was operating
on second-hand information. (If all you ever receive is second-hand truth,
youíre in trouble...you are in deception already...and donít even know it. If
you are into second-hand knowledge then the enemy is filling your ears

Satanís weapon is his mouth. ďSerpentĒ = nachash - ďone who whispers,
hisses, suggests.Ē

Satanís deception always causes distrust for spiritual authority and doubt of
the truth. Not only did he cause Eve to rebel against God, but to
misconstrue and misinterpret the words of her earthly authority in Adam.
Why do people have rebellion in their hearts today? Why wonít children
naturally obey parents?

The strategy of deception:
1. Distort what God says by changing the emphasis
2. Bring into question Godís motive (always the result of twisted meaning)
3. Introduce reason that ultimately leads you to question Godís goodness
and integrity.
....Once thatís accomplished itís easy to turn you against Godís

Satan made God look like a taker instead of a giver. ďGodís holding out on
you. You donít have to put up with this. You deserve something better. Go
ahead and do what you want. God wonít do anything to you...He hasnít
done anything yet, has He?Ē

Question: How many of you think that you probably have some deception in
your lives? Donít forget Ė Satan led 1/3 of the angels astray from the very
presence of God in heaven, and caused Eve to disobey in a perfect
environment (she had never been abused by a husband, frustrated by kids,
used by a pastor, or mistreated by a boss).

Jeremiah 17:9 - ďThe heart is deceitful above all things and desperately

Turn to James 1 Ė
James 1:16-17
Be not deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good gift
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