There is a theory in science that has not been widely published. It is called the "Butterfly Effect." The term was made popular recently in a Hollywood Movie. The theory seems farfetched at the outset, but this is how it can be explained; one explanation calls it the SENSITIVE DEPENDENCE ON INITIAL CONDITIONS. Some call it a key link to the Chaos TheoryÖ that small initial changes, can bring about radical results.

Iíll give you an example; letís just say that you were walking down the sidewalk, and saw a patch of beautiful purple flowers growing nearby. They were the "Purple Ponilians." You bend down to smell them, and when you do a bee flies out and stings you right on the nose. You are so angry, you go home, get a hoe, and hack up the flowers.

What you failed to realize was that these little flowers were the last of their kind. Not only that, they were the only suitable nesting ground for the yellow ring-tipped ground lizard. With the Purple Ponilians gone, the lizards are unable to lay their eggs without them.

And thatís only the beginning; the Yellow Ring-Tipped Ground Lizards, already endangered by the lack of breeding grounds, become extinct because this little patch of flowers is destroyed. It doesnít seem that important, but this was one of the only reptiles controlling the population of black widow spiders in Jackson. Because these lizards are gone, the spiders go crazy.

With the population of Black Widow spiders out of control, a particular field, next to an abandoned Crack House was laden with the arachnids. The Mayor decides to hold a press conference from this field, to discuss the drug problem in Jackson. While he is there, he is bitten multiple times by a Black Widow Spider, and subsequently dies.

The Mayor at this time just happens to be pro-life. However, his replacement is unconditionally pro-choice. He helps pass legislation allowing for increased abortions, for more reasons. Abortions within the state of Mississippi quadruple. One of those aborted is slotted to be a great Evangelist, under whoís ministry over 1 million people should have come to Christ. Another aborted was a biophysicist who would have discovered the cure for cancer.

The resultsÖ all because a bee stings you on the nose.

Thatís how the butterfly theory works. It says that a butterfly, flapping its wings in mainland China, could through chain reaction, spawn a tornado in Tyler, TX. Answer me this; is it even possible? It seems a little ridiculous; A little farfetched; But IS IT?

I canít vouch for the Butterfly Effect in the natural realm, but I find a resounding theme in scripture. A little of something can bring about a BIG EFFECT. The Butterfly Effect can be found in the Bible. If you donít believe it, look at these:

Doesnít scripture tell us that a LITTLE LEAVEN LEAVENETH the WHOLE LUMP? (1 Cor. 5:6) Thatís a SMALL THING, becoming a LARGE THING. It was Paul who told TimothyÖ ďStudy to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that
Tommy Burrus
August 22, 2008
What an interesting and engaging concept. Great message, Brother!