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May 15, 2005 Jay Davis Robison GENESIS 2:20-25

Every January the President gives very important address called the state of the Union, gives account of Unique challenges facing the nation.

What are agendas and solutions from President
But there is an even more important union for us today
Family Matters what is the State of the Union: marriage?

Is it easier successful marriage today than it was 15 yrs ago or 50 yrs ago? Now people talk about how long theyíve been together Marriage is mocked in the media, donít see positive examples.

Marriage is hard today man told me this week, fought everyday. For 5 years not worth it, shouldnít stay together for kids. Marriage seen as easily disposable, and a battleground. Friend going through divorce, his wifeís friends at work telling her to get shark lawyer take him for all heís got

Is it an out of date idea, no longer functional?
MARRIAGE Is Godís foundation for society

Creation story Gen 2 God brings all known animals to Adam to find a companion but none of them will do.
Finally God made Eve not from head to rule over Adam
Nor from the foot so he trample her, put from the rib
Under arm so he protect her, & near his heart so cherish her

Now hear me clearly Trinity family has always & will continue to minister, love and support all types of families; Single parents, divorced, single never married, living together.

But Biblically Marriage is Godís foundation for society
God instituted marriage before Government or the church
Shows just how important family matters are to God

Vast majority of us will marry at one time or another in life. Most of us say one of top goals in life to have happy marriage.

Letís say in group of cars headed to Disney World told half Will not survive how careful would you be Ĺ marriages end. Anything not used for itís purpose From pencil to a jet plane, Will be damaged, destroyed & weakened Marriage purpose


Marriage is part of the original creative activity of God. We have basic need for companionship Listen to what Adam says looking at Eve Vs 23 NKJV ďThis is now bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.Ē

No Question about Adamís delight, can hear him say WOW!
Underline bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh They have been one as one flesh, no hint of manís or womanís inferiority to the other

Ea partner BRINGS SOMETHING other DOES NOT HAVE that means there will be differences between you and spouse itís supposed to be that way, why you were attracted to each other. The question is how do you deal with the differences.

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