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* He was different because He knew a lot more than we do.

* He was different because He had magical powers that us ordinary mortals donít have

* He was less physical, certainly less sexual, totally pure in thought and deed, and basically just less earthy than the rest of us.

I just donít think thatís it. Certainly itís not the emphasis of the New Testament.

For the New Testament tells us where Jesus was most obviously different, and weíve already been reading about it this morning:

* He is the Good Shepherd - not like the others who are out to fleece the flock. This shepherd is ready to lay down His life for the sheep.

* Thatís what makes Him different. Heís not in it for the money. Heís not in it for the glory. Heís the shepherd who is in it for the sheep.

* He is different in the way He redefines love for us in terms of self-sacrifice.

* He is different in the way He forgives those who damage him.

* He is different because He is honest, frank, real, confrontational, imaginative, free-thinking, focused, compassionate, caring, powerful and demanding.

He was different, but not because he was only semi-human. On the contrary, as Leonardo Boff said, ďonly God could be so humanĒ. The Jesus we read about in the New Testament was distinctive because He was more human than we are.

This is the stone that the builders rejected - wrong shape, wrong colour, too difficult, too demanding. But the opinion of the builders was subject to the review of the chief architect, who has made this stone, Jesus, the capstone to the entire operation.

ďThe stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. This is the Lordís doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.Ē