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The Storm is Almost Over
Matthew 14:22-31

It seems that this is a time for storms.
Whether it be:
TemptationsÖ You are just battling away and looking for not only for a way out but some are just looking for answers.

For some of us, we have been in the storm way too long. And itís our fault because while the storm passed on by, we chose to remain in the devastation. We chose to live in the mess that these storms created.

Read Matthew 14:22-31

I just want to point out a few things that God showed me while studying this passage of scripture. Letís just go verse by verse.

First you have to understand, storms are a way of life. There will never be a year that will go by that we will not see threatening weather in our area. Itís just a part of life for where we live in Alabama.

And the same goes for our Christian life. Storms are going to take place. But itís how we react when they come upon us thatís the question.

The disciples have just finished helping serve 5000 men in addition to the women and children. They did this from a boyís lunch of two fish and five loaves of bread.

They have just watched Jesus perform a great miracle. Not to mention the leftovers!

Jesus makes his disciples get into the boat and go to the other side. A storm starts brewing.
The wind becomes contrary
Jesus is up in the mountain praying
The disciples were starting to get concerned

v. 22-24
The storm came while they were in Godís Will
Many people think that they are in a storm because of a sin they have committed when in fact, these guys were doing exactly what Jesus commanded them to do.

Stop worrying about how you got in the storm and start working on getting out.
∑ What did I do to deserve this?
∑ I must have sinned bad to have this trial

(Ex. Person drowning Ė working on getting out instead of how they got in)

You have got to realize that these storms are going to come. This will not be your last one.

v. 26 - They didnít recognize Jesus when He came to them.
It is not like they havenít seen Him in a while. They had just spent time with him and a full day has not passed. He comes walking toward them and they are frightened.

But isnít that just like us. We donít see Jesus in our storms? Why?

We are so caught into what we are going through that we donít recognize when God shows up.

The disciples couldnít see Jesus due to the fact that their attention was on the storm that was around them.

I know the storms get roughÖ
I know the storms batter our ships (our lives)
I know itís not the best place to be inÖ

But I had much rather be in a storm while sitting in the center of Godís will than to be out of Godís will wandering where He is.

∑ I have financial difficulty Ė Where is Jesus in all of this
∑ I am sick Ė Where is Jesus in all of this?
∑ People have given up on me Ė Where is Jesus?

Get your eyes off the storms and start looking for