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• Verses 24-25: The lampstand is put in Holy Place.

• Verses 26-27: The golden altar of incense is put in the Holy Place.
• Verses 28: The screen is hung at the entrance of the tabernacle.

• Verses 29: The brazen altar is put in its place.
• Verses 30-32: The laver for washing is put in between the altar and the tent.

• Verses 33: The outer court is set up.

That outline gives you the cold facts – what Moses did;

• But look a little closer and see the obedience of Moses:
• Once again just scan these particular verses:

• In the previous chapters Moses is the overseer;
• In this chapter he is the main worker.

• Verse 17: “So the tabernacle was set up…”
• Verse 18: “When Moses set up……”

• Verse 18: “..he put…he erected…he inserted…and he set up the posts”
• Verse 19: “Then he spread the tent…”

• Verse 19: “He put the covering over the tent…”
• Verse 19: “…as the Lord commanded him”

• Verse 20: “He took…”
• Verse 20: “And he placed it....”

• Verse 20: “He attached the poles…”
• Verse 21: “The he brought the ark...”

• Verse 21: “He hung the shielding curtain…”
• Verse 21: “…as the Lord commanded him.”

• Verse 22: “Moses placed the table….”
• Verse 23: “Moses set out the bread….as the Lord commanded him”

• Verse 24: “He placed the lampstand…”
• Verse 25: “He set up the lamps….as the Lord commanded him”

• Verse 26: “Moses placed the gold altar…”
• Verse 27: “…as the Lord commanded him”

• Verse 28: “Moses put up the curtain…”
• Verse 29: “Moses set the altar of burnt offering…”

• Verse 29: “Moses offered on it burnt offerings etc… as the Lord commanded him…”
• Verse 30: “Moses placed the basin…”

• Verse 31: “Moses and Aaron and his sons…”
• Verse 32: “They washed…”

• Verse 32: “…as the Lord commanded him…”
• Verse 33: “Then Moses set up…”
• Verse 33: “And so Moses finished the work.”


True obedience is not an act, but an attitude.

• The fact is, a person is either obedient in God’s eyes or he is disobedient.
• You see, God does not measure obedience like we do.

• We look on the outward appearance;
• God looks on the heart.

• Rebellious small boy in car;
• “I may be sitting down in my body, but in my heart I’m standing up!”

True obedience is a right attitude leading onto right actions.

• Ill: John chapter 14 verse 21:
• “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me”

• Ill: John chapter 14 verse 23:
• "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching

An F16 fighter jet is an amazing aircraft with incredible capabilities.

• But there is one thing that a jet pilot requires above all else.
• That the aircraft reacts completely to his control.

• If it were to have "a mind of its own" regardless of how remarkable that might sound,
• It would end up doing as much flying as a door stop.

• In the same vein, even if we had all the gifting under the sun,