Surely Jesus is the manliest man who ever lived, for no one endured and suffered what He did.

Yet the Bible clearly states that this strong man shed tears. "Jesus wept." He was a strong man, yet a man of great compassion.

Since it was proper for Jesus to cry then certainly it is for us. But the important question is, "What did Jesus weep about?"

We have all been prone to shed tears over things that didnít really matter.

When we were children we may have cried over not getting our own way, or the loss of some silly toy.

As teenagers we may have shed a few tears over breaking up with some boyfriend or girlfriend, or not being as popular as we desired. As adults we look back over some of those tears with amusement.

What kind of things will we look back on when we get to heaven as being unworhthy of our tears? It will be interesting to find out.

In the mean time, we can be sure that there are some things worth crying over. We know - because Jesus wept over certain things.

Letís learn to weep over the things Christ wept over and not so much other things.

1. Jesus wept in sympathy for others. (John 11:35)

Here in our text Jesus wept for the sorrow of his friends Mary and Martha over the death of their brother Lazarus.

The Bible tells us to "weep with them that weep". (Romans 12:15) The best way to display our love and concern for others in times of heartache is just being there and not being ashamed to sincerely cry with them.

Manufactured tears are not any good. In Jesusí day one could actually hire mourners to attend the funeral of a loved one. Jesus was not a hired mourner. He was present out of love for His friends. It hurt Him to see them sorrowful.

Crying with others is not always convenient. Sometimes we have to interupt our schedules and display a level of unselfishness.

In the years Iíve been pastoring Iíve noticed a disturbing trend. Funerals seem to me to be less attended. Hopefully Iím just imagining things. But are we so busy in our lives today that we canít stop and show our love to those who mourn?

Jesus went to the grieving sisters to model that He was the resurrection and the life, but also to model what really deserves our tears.

2. Secondly, Jesus wept in concern for sinners.

Luke 19:41 - "As He approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it."

Jerusalem was a center of religious teaching. If anyone should have received Jesus as Messiah it should have been the religious leaders and citizens of this city. Yet they would soon cry out, "Crucify Him!"

They were lost and didnít know the Lord. They knew about religion but they didnít have a relationship with God. They were headed for destruction so Jesus wept for them.

It is pure selfishness to cry so much for ourselves when we are headed to heaven and not cry for sinners headed for hell.

When the rich man in Christís story in Luke 16 awoke in hell his concern was for his five brothers to