TEXT: LUKE 14:16-23 (v.17) "For all things are now ready." (v.23) "compel them..."


Many times over the years, Iíve noticed that business deals are accomplished merely because people were in the right place at the right time.

On Wall Street, before the Stock Market Crash of 1929, there were many men who became millionaires overnight because they had the ability to recognize an opportunity and they took advantage of it.

Maybe it was just a custodian in an office hallway, or a cab driver on the street. Then the day came when a couple of wealthy men, unaware of attentive ears that were listening, were caught up in secret conversations about the stock market, and their monetary maneuvers or that of their competition.

Then at an opportune time they used that secret information to buy up stock in an area that was about to explode with increased value. And such is how many became wealthy in that day. All because someone had the ability to recognize an opportunity and seize it at the right time.

The battles of history were fought and won because men and women were ready and willing to work and fight at crucial and critical times. There were no words such as quit or concede in their vocabulary or their character. But their battle cry became that of ancient times - Carpe Diem - "Seize the Day!!"

I would like to declare to you that, in case you didnít know it, there is a revival spirit that is sweeping our world today! We are realizing a move of God that He has promised would come! And we must act NOW if we are going to see revival and harvest in our generation!


Illustration -
A field marshal looked over his field of battle near the walls of a kingdom and as he saw the enemy rise up out of the mists of early dawn to advance, he cried out to the king, "Shall we fire?" The king replied, "No, wait."
Then as the enemy was beginning to overrun them the king cried out to the field marshal, "Fire!!" But the field marshal called back to the king saying, "Itís too late now, sir. Itís too late!!"

A. If we are going to have a revival in the midst of this wicked and sinful world, then weíre going to have to "strike while the iron is hot!" We must do it now, or it will soon be "too late, sir, too late!"

B. For the Lord spoke through the mouth of His prophets to declare the workings of His Spirit in a day that he would take out the stony heart of man, and put in a heart of flesh.

C. Joel prophesied that, "In the last days saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophesy; your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions; and upon my handmaids and upon my servants will I pour out of my Spirit and they shall prophesy."

D. But unless you read again the fine print, the revival that will be, is not going to be as some of us think itís going to be!

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