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crime but only God can punish sin. When you refuse to conform to the law of God, you are a sinner. There is no small sin. Sin is sin. Sin is missing the mark of God for your life. Sin is when you turn aside from a straight path. Sin is when you are competing with God, that is, when God says this is what to do and you say, “No, in my own opinion this is what I believe is right.” If you have the right to determine what is right or wrong then you have made yourself a god.

Sin is when men overstretch their divine limits. Sin is when you refuse to attain the divine standard God has set for you.

Many people according to the record of God are supposed to be prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and pastors to the nations. They have been born again for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 5 years, but are yet to do what God expects them to do. They are sinners because they have refused to attain that standard He set for them.

Some years ago, a certain brother prayed about his life and the Lord showed him a vision. He said he saw a staircase which led to a high mountain and began to climb it. He stopped at number 3 out of 27. And God said to him, “Look, you have been born again for 12 years, you are expected to have climbed these 27 steps but you are still on level 3. You have one year to readjust your life if not, you will be replaced.” He cried and began to work hard to see what he could do but unfortunately within the next few weeks, he died and that was the end.

God will not leave a vacuum in His programme. If He has placed you somewhere and expects you to perform and you do not, you are calling for replacement. It is sin when you refuse to attain His standard.
Concealment of sin has devastating effects. Any sin that is not confessed or that is excused will certainly invite the anger of a righteous and holy God against a person. The Bible says; “He that covereth his sin shall not prosper.” Many people do not understand what it means to cover up sin. You cover up your sin when you are making excuses. Many people do not take responsibility for their sins rather they blame others. They make excuses, and instead of blaming themselves, they cover up.

You may cover your sin by enveloping it in secrecy. You keep quiet and do not tell anyone about it. You may cover your sin with falsehood like Gehazi and it will lead to trouble. When you use a lie to cover up a lie, you will need another lie to cover up that lie and then you will become a perpetual liar. All liars shall have their place in the bottom of hell fire.

You may cover your sin by shifting the blame to another person. But in whatever way you do it, you may be the one turning back your own prosperity. The Bible says he that covereth his sins shall not prosper but whosoever confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. When Christians turn away from their sins, confess and forsake them, the power of God will move unhindered.