Michael A. Murdock
Clearing The Path; Minor Adjustments That Clear the Pathway for Major Life Improvements #1
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April 27, 2003

ďThe Unconditional Love of GodĒ
Hosea 14:4

During a revival a certain man came into the meeting and sat in the back row. The next night he moved halfway toward the front. The third night he was sitting in the front row. The fourth night he broke out in prayer, "Lord, fill me!" Over to one side there was a woman who knew the man well. She cautioned the Lord, "Careful, Lord! He leaks!"

*A fisherman who was out of fellowship with the Lord was at sea with his godless companions when a storm came up and threatened to sink their ship. His friends begged him to pray; but he demurred, saying, "Itís been a long time since Iíve done that or even entered a church." At their insistence, however, he finally cried out, "O Lord, I havenít asked anything of You in 15 years, and if You help us now and bring us safely to land, I promise I wonít bother You again for another 15!"

Many of us who have accepted Christ as our savior are sometimes prone to wondering if as the song goes, that God can actually save a wretch like me. Often we may only call on God when weíve reached the end of our rope and there seems to be no other way to solve our problems. Just as the world around us grows cold and lifeless as the winter comes, so may we experience times of winter in our own spiritual walk with God

Yet for the Christian we should never fear the lose of our salvation, because of the enduring power of Godís unconditional love for his redeemed, that reaches out to us even when our love for Him grows cold.

In the book of Hosea we see this love played out in Hoseaís relationship with a prostitute and then in Godís response to His people, Israel.

Turn with me to the book of Hosea, chapter one in the Old Testament.

I. Godís Picture: Unconditional Love
A. Hosea marries a prostitute
ďGo, take to yourself an adulterous wife and children of unfaithfulness, because this land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the Lord. So he married Gomer daughter of DiblaimÖĒ (Hosea 1:2,3)
-God commands Hosea to marry a prostitute named Gomer as an example of Godís love for an adulterous people.
-Now you can imagine that with a name like Gomer, not to mention her occupation, she probably wasnít the most desirable women for a preacherís wife.
-Call her a tramp, a harlot, a gutter snipe, , whatever derogatory term you could think of because this woman, Gomer, was one of societies outcast, looked down upon by the ďmorally goodĒ people of society, a woman of no value except for the men she serviced.
-How could anyone love a person like Gomer? And yet Hosea takes her off the streets and into his home and shows her love and kindness. He makes her is wife, someone who is important and a valuable part of his life.
-Not only does Hosea take Gomer to be his wife, but he makes
Ronnie Lucaylucay
February 14, 2009
Great sermon! Keep on.