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The Unpopular Truth


Sermon shared by Martin Odom

September 2006
Summary: Using John the Baptist as a model, this sermon challenges us to become serious about making a meaningful difference in our neighborhood and community.
Denomination: Methodist
Audience: General adults
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and be forgiven. Because there is no feeling in the world like knowing that you have been forgiven. Thatís what John was saying to the people, he was saying I know what yíall think about me. I know I am not at the top of anybodies social calendar. I know yíall think Iím crazy out here dressed in this outfit and eating locusts and wild honey, but I know Iím a sinner and I know Iím forgiven.

And I just believe that I have some people in church this morning who can testify, I didnít come to church today because Iím friends with the Pastor. -----------I didnít come to hear my name called. ------I didnít come because my choir was singing. ------- I didnít come because my parents were going to be here.---- I came because I know Iím a sinner but Jesus saved me anyhow. I came because when my load got heavy he picked me up. ------ I came because when sickness had my body the Lord delivered me. ----- I came because when that person walked out of my life Jesus made me know I was not alone. ------ I came because when I failed my test and didnít get my promotion at work ------- he encouraged my soul. -------- I came because when my job got eliminated --- he had another door already waiting for me. ---------I came, because, when I think of the goodness of Jesus, when I did everything to destroy myself He told death to stand back and behave. ------- I came because if anybody asks you whatís the matter with me, tell them Iím saved , sanctified, Holy Ghost Filled and Fire Baptized and tell them Iím running, Iím running, Iím running for my life.

Church, itís time to get serious, the days of just coming to church are over, and itís time to start being the church. ---- The Bible says that John the Baptist did not go where the popular people were he went out into the wilderness. So many people today are living a wilderness experience. Right around our church living a wilderness experience. So many people today are barely making it, struggling to survive every day, living a wilderness experience. Even while the neighborhood is changing with nice new housing there are still so many right in this area who are living a wilderness experience. They are trying to figure out how are they going make it not even realizing what is going on around them. It is a wilderness experience right here in our neighborhood. Children from the school have to walk past that bar every day and look at liquor bottles and drug needles and used condoms thrown on the ground from the previous nightsí activity. Iím telling you itís a wilderness experience. Senior citizens are scared to come out of their own homes for fear of what someone might do to them in this neighborhood, it is a wilderness experience. One lady told me who lives across the street from the church that she has been robbed at night twice in front of her house coming home from work, it is a wilderness experience. There is hardly any place to eat around here, there is no place to buy groceries, or a cup of coffee or get any of the basic services you need, so that if you donít have a car you are at the mercy of whoever you can get to help you, it is a wilderness experience.

But Pastor why are you playing, because I may not live in the neighborhood of the church but pastor I am living in the wilderness myself. When I leave church today Pastor Iím going home to a wilderness
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