for the baptism was to be cleansed from all of their past transgressions.

Well this is what made Johnís message so unpopular. John was telling other Jews that they needed to be baptized which was something that only Gentiles were supposed to have to undergo. As the Biblical scholar William Barclay puts it, ďJohn had made the tremendous discovery that to be a Jew in the racial sense was not to be a member of Godís chosen people; a Jew might be in exactly the same position as a Gentile; not the Jewish life, but the cleansed life belonged to God.Ē

In other words, John said we can preach about it, we can sing about it, we can shout about it, we can dance about it, but we are all sinners and we must repent and be forgiven. We can put on white robes, white hats, white suits, white outfits, all we want but ďWhat can wash away my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus ----- What can make me whole again ------ nothing but the blood of Jesus.Ē It may be popular, but it is the truth. ----- So we may not as well to fix our face to say we have not sinned because Isaiah was right all we like sheep have gone astray. He said we may as well confess our sins ourselves and to God almighty and be forgiven. Because there is no feeling in the world like knowing that you have been forgiven. Thatís what John was saying to the people, he was saying I know what yíall think about me. I know I am not at the top of anybodies social calendar. I know yíall think Iím crazy out here dressed in this outfit and eating locusts and wild honey, but I know Iím a sinner and I know Iím forgiven.

And I just believe that I have some people in church this morning who can testify, I didnít come to church today because Iím friends with the Pastor. -----------I didnít come to hear my name called. ------I didnít come because my choir was singing. ------- I didnít come because my parents were going to be here.---- I came because I know Iím a sinner but Jesus saved me anyhow. I came because when my load got heavy he picked me up. ------ I came because when sickness had my body the Lord delivered me. ----- I came because when that person walked out of my life Jesus made me know I was not alone. ------ I came because when I failed my test and didnít get my promotion at work ------- he encouraged my soul. -------- I came because when my job got eliminated --- he had another door already waiting for me. ---------I came, because, when I think of the goodness of Jesus, when I did everything to destroy myself He told death to stand back and behave. ------- I came because if anybody asks you whatís the matter with me, tell them Iím saved , sanctified, Holy Ghost Filled and Fire Baptized and tell them Iím running, Iím running, Iím running for my life.

Church, itís time to get serious, the days of just coming to church are over, and itís time to start being the church. ---- The Bible says that John the Baptist did not go where the popular people were he went