Father, full of grace and truth.Ē

The Word does not come to us so that we can possess it. The Word must possess us. It must be applied to all the aspects of our lives. To fail in one part is to fail in all. God promises success through His Word. There is no such thing as 1/2 success or 1/4 success. Itís all or nothing.

Godís Word has purpose. It is powerful. It is fruitful. The Word can be reproduced in the life of others. It is never stagnant. It pushes forward in prosperity. It is like an unsinkable ship. It survives even on the roughest sea. Nothing can stop it. Godís Word will accomplish its purpose.

2. A picture of life without God.

Thorns are bad but briers are even worse. God can turn your thorns into a beautiful forest. God can turn your briers into a beautiful forest. Everything God touches flourishes. Life without God is a barren land, a desert of misery. It is unfruitful. Man in sin reaps nothing but futility. Heís heading into a blind alley. There is no way out except by Godís help. It all depends upon the unshakeable Word of God. Believe and trust it. The world may pass away but the Word of the Lord shall abide forever.

Illustration: The story is told of an unbeliever who wanted to see 18th century Evangelist
George Whitefield preach but did not want to listen to his message. Deliberately putting fingers in both ears, he watched the great preacher without listening to a word he said. But a stubborn fly landed on his nose, no matter what he did, he could not shake him off. He unplugged his ears long enough to shoo the fly away, and in those brief seconds, Whitefield proclaimed loudly, ďHim who has ears to hear, let him hear!Ē The amazing timing of it so intrigued the man that he listened to the rest of Whitefieldís sermon and was saved.

3. Reaping the harvest of Godís Word.

The Word of God is like an unsinkable ship. They said that the Titanic could not sink but it did. Godís Word can sail the roughest seas. Hitler burned Bibles by the thousands yet it still stands as the Worldís best seller. The sea is humanity with all their problems and difficulty. Do not be like Noahís generation that perished when the floods came. Get on board the Gospel ship. Youíll be glad tomorrow you did it today.

It shall accomplish its purpose:
* It shall prosper in its purpose. It is based upon truth. It is based upon the integrity of the Speaker. If the Word does not prosper then God is the biggest liar that there ever was.The Creator of the universe, the Almighty God, stands behind His Word. He is unshakeable therefore so is His word.

* The product of Godís Word is joy. ďThe joy of the Lord is my strength.Ē Nehemiah 8:10. Sorrow lasts for the night but joy cometh in the morning. When you sow Godís Word joy will fill your heart. If you plant joy you will reap joy. Itís the law of Godís Word.

* Another product of Godís Word is peace. Peace like a river. Peace is like a flood when it comes it will sweep over