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people get annoyed?

People get annoyed when other people don’t measure up to their personal expectations. They would say, “My advice was ignored.” “They don’t love me the way I want.” “My food was not served the way I want it served.” “They were too slow for my liking.”

People get angry when they feel they have not received a fair share. “They gave my job to another person.” “Why does it always happen to me?” “Is she prettier or more intelligent than myself?” “Why did they get the larger share?”

People get angry when they feel that their rights have been violated.

People get angry when they are not prepared to put up with a little bit of inconvenience. If you are still in the category of those who say, “They are getting on my nerves,” then your nerves need deliverance.

People get angry when they feel that others have hurt them. The devil who is a clever fighter will always allow you to see the fault in others but not the ones in yourself. And if you are ignorant you will not know that he is trickishly trying to remove your immunity. If you don’t stop at this stage, he will lead you to the next stage. Then you begin to use the carnal method of fighting. You face your spouse or wife to say, “You need your head examined,” or “You are absolutely stupid.” The use of insultive names like idiot, old monkey, or threatening people, criticizing and gossiping must be avoided. Never repay evil with evil or you will lose your immunity. But if you repay evil with good, you will put coals of fire on the heads of the enemy and there is nobody who will carry fire and be comfortable.

2. Your immunity will break down when you refuse to accept responsibility for your faults. Don’t go about saying that it was somebody that made you to do it.

3. Your immunity will break down when you fail to forgive those who have hurt you. This we can find in Mark 11:25.

4. When you fail to make God the priority of your life, your immunity will break down. You wake up without prayer, go to work without prayer and start work without prayer, your immunity will break down.

5. Your immunity will break down when you refuse to keep your peace and let God fight for you.

6. Your immunity will break down when you are selfish. You only serve yourself and not others.

7. Your immunity will break down when you practise any known or willful sin.


1. Your blood must be immunized: The Bible says in Leviticus 17:11 that life is in the blood. Any disease that destroys blood kills very quickly. Many killer diseases actually eat up people’s blood. Malaria is one of them. More than one million Africans die every year because of malaria. It affects the blood and the liver. Men have been looking for ways of getting rid of malaria from time immemorial. As they do that, it looks for ways of dodging them. You discover that sometimes, it is resistant to drugs. We are told that mosquitoes carry malaria. There are mosquitoes