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in Scripture. They did all of the ritual and followed all of the commandments. They knew about God from their Holy Scriptures. Yet, when the Wise Men show up, Herod and these religious leaders, were stunned to find out the Messiah had been born, in fact it says they were ďdisturbed,Ē or ďtroubledĒ upon hearing the news. They had either not seen the star in the sky, or were unable to interpret its meaning. They had no clue their king had been born, and it had to take some pagan, Gentile, astrologers to tell them about the Messiah. You can imagine how that would have gone over. Imagine how it would go over today if a practitioner of witchcraft or magic, came to tell a Bible believing church that Jesus was in their midst but they missed it because they were more concerned about following the letter of Godís law, than about seeking Christ and a relationship with him. You get the idea of how that would have gone over like a lead balloon. Rather than be overjoyed at the news, the Messiah had come, they are worried, probably skeptical, and they do nothing about it. Unlike the wise men who have traveled hundreds of miles to worship the Christ, the religious leaders couldnít even travel six miles to seek out and worship the Christ. King Herod even sends the Wise Men off to find the Christ child in his place so they can report back to him. It never mentions one person at least going to check out if their information might be true. Why donít they check it out, because pagan Gentile astronomers certainly couldnít know anything about their Messiah? Why would God tell them about the Christ and not the religious authorities? Maybe because they were more concerned about laws and rituals than they were about a relationship with God, and concerned with where his heart was.

We can have knowledge of the Bible, we can even have religious convictions, we can even live out Godís commands to the letter and still miss the point. God is seeking a relationship with us through his Son Jesus the Christ, and he wants us to seek him. What we find out is that when we seek him, we will find him. Jesus once said, ďSeek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.Ē The author of Hebrews wrote

ďAnd without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him (Hebrews 11:6).Ē

And when we find him, meaning have a relationship with God through Christ, everything else falls into place. The magi were rewarded for their journey of faith to meet Christ.

When we come to church, when we live good lives is it because our primary focus is on seeking Christ, to search for him to try draw nearer to him? Or are we like the religious leaders in Jesus day who think that doing our religious duty is enough, following Godís commandments, being at church, maybe even knowing the Bible really well?

3) We need to worship Christ Ė Wise men offered valuable gifts,