I donít know who Iím talking to tonight, but I prophesy to you by the Spirit of God, that somebody is going to get a breakthrough in this house, somebodyís going to get a deliverance, somebodyís going to get some real peace, and real joy.
Somebody is getting ready to come out of a prison, God is sending an earthquake your way tonight, and heís going to shake some things loose that have been bound up a long time.

In our text These Disciples were gathered together in a spirit of discouragement, despair, hopelessness, They had believed that Jesus was going to be their deliverer, that he was going to liberate them from Roman rule, and now itís over, Jesus is dead,
They saw the cruel crucifixion, they watched as they drove nails in his hands and his feet, and shoved a spear in his side, and they saw him die.

And they thought to themselves; itís over, every natural visible evidence said itís over.
He tried, he was a good man, he meant well,

But itís not over till God says itís over: The doctor may say Itís over weíve done all we can, The lawyer may say itís over, the banker may say itís over, That husband or wife may say itís over,
The word of man may be (impossible)

The word (Impossible) does not exist in Gods vocabulary:

the word of God says:
*but with God all things are possible.
*all things are possible to him that believeth.
(Luke 18:27) And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

John 9: There was a man who was blind from birth, (what can man do for him, nothing, He is destined to die as he was born, blind in darkness (Then came Jesus) ĖJesus spit in the dirt, made clay and put it in his eyes, sent him to wash in the pool of siloam and he came seeing.

Mk 5:Tells the story of A woman with an issue of blood, who had been to many physicians and spent all she had and was worse than ever, she was dying, all hope was gone, what can man do for her? Nothing itís and impossible situation (Then came Jesus) and she pressed her way through the crowd and touched the hem of his garment and was made instantly whole.

Luke 5: Tells the story of A leper
(Not just a leper but a man (Full of leprosy) Man says lock him up heís a menace to society. This man was destined to live his life as a dead man walking, no contact with his family and friends, no interaction with society, barred from the temple.

What can man do for him? Nothing itís an impossible case. (Then came Jesus) and was moved with compassion reached out his hand and touched him, and immediately he was made clean.

What about the 3 Hebrew children thrown into the midst of a burning fiery furnace, what can man do for them? Nothing itís impossible, (Then came Jesus Walking in the midst of the fire) and the fire couldnít burn them.

Then there was a precious mother, a widow of Nain, they were in the funeral procession, her child is dead in the coffin, what can man do for her? Nothing, itís impossible, itís over.
(Then Came Jesus)