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Donít Give Up the Battle! Thereís a Shift Coming! Pastor Jamie Wright Maranatha Fellowship Church
Feb 18, 2004 Wed Bible Study

Guess what, we are not in a parade. This isnít some holiday festival here in the kingdom of God. We are in a battle!

You canít face the battle as long as you are on the bottle!

When babyís whine we put a pacifier in their mouths to pacify their whining. Pastors have been pacifying the people too long. As long as you are pacified you wonít receive the power; power to fight the battle. Donít quit! Keep on fighting!

We are in a war. It is a battle. Fight the good fight of faith. Put on the whole armor of God. Our weapons are not carnal, but they are mighty for the pulling down of the strongholds of the enemy. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. The battle is not mine it is the Lords. The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. Be sober be vigilant for your adversary, your enemy the devil is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

It doesnít sound like a holiday parade to me. It is war. The battle is on. You will get bruised and battered in war. You may even have a few tragedies. It isnít the end.

God uses lifeís bruises! He has the ability to reverse the curse. He can shift the momentum of the mess your in. He can transfer your problem into a promise. A SHIFT IS COMING! Donít GIVE UP THE BATTLE!

Life is a combination of
Mountaintops vs. Valleys
Sunshine vs. Rain
Blessings vs. Battles
Pleasure vs. Pain
Joy vs. Sorrow
Triumphs vs. Tears
Victories vs. Loses

Jarius comes to Jesus about his sick daughter. Then the woman with the issue of blood comes after Jesus and stops him. Jarius is literally going crazy in his mind. Come on lets go my daughter is dying. Jesus needs to get to her. Then one of his servants comes and says your daughter is dead. He is crushed. This woman delayed Jesus and now my daughter is dead. It is over. No way can I win the battle now he thought. But Jesus heard what the servants had to say and responded with.

Mark 5:22-36 Donít be afraid only believe. Keep on believing. Donít give up!
1. God can turn your setbacks into comebacks!
With Jesus this is just a minor setback. God is the God of comebacks.
Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible

2.God can turn your tombstone into a stepping stone.
This is killing me. I am about to die. I canít take it anymore! Jobís wife told him to curse God and die. God had different plans. He took what the enemy wanted to be a tombstone for Job and made it a stepping stone.

Whatís just about ready to kill you? Use it as a stepping stone to the next level.

Hebrews 5:8 He learned obedience by the things he suffered
3. The devil wants to murder you, God wants to mature you!

John 10:10 Kill, steal, destroy
What you are going through can make you bitter or better.
Be ye perfect (mature) as your father in heaven is