Throwing Rocks At The King

2 Samuel 16:1-13

This morning I want us to look at a little known character in the Bible that we can learn some great lessons from ! His name is Shimei. First impressions are often lasting impressions. The first impression that we get of Shimei is not a good one. Hereís the story.

King David is forced to temporary abandon the throne. He, his family, and his servants are fleeing Jerusalem. The reason they have taken flight is tragic. Davidís son Absalom has conspired against his father, gathered to himself a bunch of malcontents, and is bent on overthrowing his own father, and assumed the role of King. David fears for his safety, that of his family, friends, and servants. He knows that at this point it is best to flee, and fight later ! It must have been a sad day as they gathered their belonging, and fled from their home. It was made even more difficult because Absalom, the Kingís Son was the one creating the problem. As David, his friends, family and servants depart they cross over the Jordan, and over the Mount of Olives. It is on the other side of the Mount of Olives that David encounters Shimei.

I. Shimei Cursing The King. 2 Sam 16:1-13

Talking about kicking a man when heís down. Thatís what Shimei does. To feel threatened by your own Son is as bad as it gets, but Shimei adds insult to injury by coming out of his house, and cursing the King as he came by. He also picked up rocks and threw them at King David, and his servants. He called the King names. He charged him with being a violent, and a wicked man.

What is this manís problem ? He is a descendant of Saul the King who the Lord rejected, and the one from whom David inherited the throne.

I donít know the whole story, but I wonder if Shimei lived in fear of King David. Or could this have been a reaction from all the anger, bitterness, and jealousy that he had allowed to build in his heart over the years. I wonder how many times he said......."Itís just not fair"

Vengeance is obviously something that he has on his mind........Read V 8

Notice Davidís response

He could have killed him, or had him killed. In fact, one of his faithful servants who is named Abishai volunteers to do it for him. V9 Yet, David allows him to live.

David knew what it was like to find mercy ! David also knew the need to show mercy !

How good are we at showing mercy to those who wrong us ?

II. Shimei Coming To The King. 2 Sam. 19:16-18

The threat is over. The conspiracy has ended, and Absalom is dead. It was a great victory for the people of Israel, but still a tragic loss for King David. He mourned over the death of his Son. After a period of mourning, David begins his return to Jerusalem. He is restored to power, and as he crosses the Jordan River guess who comes out to meet him. Iím not sure how much common sense Shimei has, but one thing he does have is nerve !

Notice what Shimei does when he comes to the King. He falls down before