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Issue: - Flow, Hemorrhage,
Blood: - Life
12 years: - Long time
Vs 26 And had endured much at the hands of many physicians, and had spent all that she had and was not helped at all, but rather had grown worse.

Physicians: - Those who have the name of one who helps, and heals, mends.
Many Physicians (So called) had taken her money but brought her no relief, no healing, no help. After each encounter she was left in a worse condition than before.
In Defense of Ministry:
Many People accuse the physician for not helping them or making them better, but many times it is not a bad physician, but bad patients.
A bad patient is one who will not follow the physicians prescriptions

Some are in a bad condition today in the church, because they have not taken the prescription that has been given them.
Maybe because we did not like his bedside manner, maybe we didnít like his accent, Maybe he parted his hair on the wrong side, maybe he didnít dance right, or shout right, maybe he didnít give prescription the way we wanted to hear it given.

We may not agree with everything about our physician, but the main thing is that he has our well being in mind, and that he gives us the necessary prescription.

If you find yourself going from physician after physician etc. etc. etc. and never getting any better, There are two possible reasons:
#1 The physicians are unqualified, (only in it for the money, - they donít care about you).
#2 You are unqualified ( You refuse the prescription.) Ė You donít care about yourself.

Her problem was bad physicians,

She heard about Jesus:
He was healing people for free ( When it comes to Spiritual matters You donít hire a physician, You donít hire a Pastor.
Itís not money that brought us here or keeps us here
Itís the need and the hunger in your life,
If you Lose those 2 things, we are useless to you and God will send us where they need us and are hungry.

She came in the press:
If youíre serious about getting anywhere with God, you are going to have to get in the press, in prayer, and praise, fasting, studying the word of God.
Wed night 7:00 Prayer meeting, Weíre meeting here to press into the promises and the purposes of God for our church and our community.
If you can be here for Prayer meeting but do not and will not come, You are voting for this church to be a failure in itís mission and destiny.

She came from behind, because Jesus is on the move, Heís going somewhere to be a blessing, someone has already put a demand on his presence and power.
(Jairus has worshipped him, and said my daughter, is at the point of death but if you will come and lay your hand on her she will live.
Somebody has put a demand on him, and if we want his presence and power we have to run and catch up.

She said:
We are going to have to be bold enough to confess our intentions, We cannot expect to come to Jesus with a whatever attitude, There must be definite design and desire.
Jesus said to the blind