t know the answer too. There are good Christian people confused as to what is really right and wrong. This confusion has gotten them discouraged and ready to give up.
Let me share something here that will help you in these times. First be sure you have been forgiven and your name is written in the lamb’s book of live. In other words create a personal relationship with Jesus and maintain that relationship at all cost. Make this your number one goal. Then commit the things you are confused about to Jesus and let Him take care of them. I tell you He will take care of them. I talked to a man a few years ago who was confused distressed and discouraged to the point of completing suicide. I told him what he needed to do was create a relationship with Jesus and let Him take care of the things he was confused about. About five years later he called me one day and invited me to come to his baptismal as he had given his heart to the Lord. Words can never express the joy that flooded my heart and life when I heard those words. And yes I was there and what a time it was. He has since come to the church I pastored and given his testimony of how across the years God had been working to bring him to the point to where he was ready and willing to turn his life over to Jesus. And oh what a difference Jesus has made in his life.
Yes Jesus can and will bring us out of our confusion if we will surrender all to him trust and obey Him. Don’t become discouraged if it takes some time to bring you our but rest assured He will. It has not been too long ago that I went through a time of confusion distress discouragement that I was on the verge of doubting God’s very existence. But by sheer bull dog tenacity I continued to believe read His word and pray and one day He assured me He was real and there all the time. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world and just the time we need Him He is near to comfort and cheer just when I we need Him most.
We need someone to go too when discouraged. Discouragement is a shoreless bottomless ocean on which many a soul has been lost forever. It has nothing to anchor too or hold too. Many more are sinking in this ocean and the further the sink the darker things become. I know for I’ve been there and have discovered it is both dangerous and frightening. In fact I remember one time when I was driving a log truck to help make a living for myself and my family in a small mission type church I became so discouraged that one day I said to the Lord, Lord just release me from the call and let me go. Less than one hundred yards later suddenly the realization came to me of what I had said and tears began to stream down my cheek as I prayed Lord forgive me I am so sorry for what I just said. It was then that I realized the danger of allowing discouragement to advance that far.
We all face and fight discouragement but we don’t have to become its victim but can become