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As we look at this story in the Bible, we must realize that it is an aweful yet true story. It is aweful because one man had so much suffering in this life and the other man had so much suffering in the next life. It is aweful because one man ended up in hell. We know this story is true because Jesus told it.

This aweful story is summarized in two words: TOO LATE! About the only real difference between these two men is two words: TOO LATE! The rich man in hell did everything that the poor man did on earth; however he did them simply TOO LATE!

He awoke to the fact of eternity too late (vs.22-23)
A. He had to die
1. Death is a sure appointment
(Hebrews 9:27)
2. Death is real.
3. Death is a peeping tom; he gazes
into your window just waiting for
the opportunity to snatch your
Experts say that 3 people die every second. If this fact is true, then 180 people die every minute, 10,800 people die every hour, 259,200 people die every day, and 94,608,000 people die every year. Of the six billion people on earth today, experts also sayt that 2/3 of them have never heard the Gospel one time. If these percentages hold true, then 63, 103,536 people die every year without ever hearing the Gospel one time! Not everyone that has heard the Gospel one time, accepts the Gospel. Therefore, many more people die every year without hearing the Gospel!

B. Death did not end it all.
1. This should encourage those who
are saved.
2. This should sound a warning to
those who are lost.

2. He lifted up his eyes too late (vs. 23)
A. He was too busy in life to stop and look up.

B. He was too involved with earth to look up
to heaven

C. He was too absorbed with the Now to think
of the Here-after.
The average man breathes Godís free
air, eats Godís food, drinks Godís
water, and never turns a face to God
in appreciation.


We should always remember to lift our eyes to heaven. (Psalm 121:1-2)

3. He shed tears too late. (vs. 24)
A. Nothing moved him in life.
1. Lazarus was full of sores lying at
his gate; yet he never helped him.
2. The needy were all around him; yet
he only thought of his
own tables, clothes, and life.
3. He never thought about the
spiritual welfare of other
including his family.

B. Always remember that sin deceives us and
hardens us. (Hebrews 3:13)

4. He pray too late (vs. 27)
A. This is the only pray in the Bible that is
prayed to a saint, and it went unanswered!
B. The Bible commands us to ďPray without