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Psalm 123:1-2 - Top Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Better Than Santa

10. Santa is more legend than reality.
Jesus is more real than you can see - Luke 24:36-43.

9. Santa had a beginning.
Jesus is timeless - John 1:1.

8. Santa only creates toys.
Jesus created the whole universe - Hebrews 1:2.

7. Santa comes back often, only to leave again.
Jesus is coming back to stay! - John 14:3.

6. Santaís gifts grow old.
Jesusí gifts are new every day - James 1:17.

5. Santa rewards good people and excludes bad people.
Jesus invites bad people - Luke 5:30-32.

4. Santa canít change bad people to good people.
Jesus can change the heart - 2 Corinthians 5:17.

3. Santa is useful only once a year.
Jesus helps us all the time - Hebrews 2:18.

2. Santa is a good guy.
Jesus is a great God - Hebrews 1:8.

1. Grown-ups know Santa is only for children.
Jesus is the help for all people - Matthew 11:28-30.
What does this have to do with Psalm 123??????????