Touch the Hem of His Garment
Luke 8: 43-48
The Hem of His Garment
Songs, pomems, sermons on the hem of His garment
This is the story behind that statement
The Story of a Woman in Great touble
Desperation, Determintation, Deliverance, Declaration
Touch the hem of HIS garment

I. A Woman’s Desperation (v. 43)
a. The story of her proble all in one verse
i. She had an incurable disease (sickness)
ii. She had spent all on the physicans
iii. She was cermonially unclean
1. Cut off from society and religious worship Lev 15:19-33
2. She had even ben divorce for the law required it Lev 15: 25-27
a. Imagine a woma’s having to live with shame of being divorced because of a medical problem

b. Physically Desperate, her health was gone
c. Financially Desperate, her money was gone
d. Spiritually Desperate, she could not enter into the temple
e. She is a picture of all people
i. Physically, we are ever moving toward death
ii. Financially, money cannot buy ones needs
iii. Spiritually, sin separtaes us from God

II. A Woman’s Determintation (v. 44)
a. “Came behind and touched the border of His garment.”
b. Things to discourage her from coming to Jesus
i. The great crowd of people milling about Him
ii. The attitude of His disciples
iii. The importance of His mission
iv. Her own appearance: Pale and Poor
c. Still she pressed through to Jesus

III. A Woman’s Deliverance (v. 45-46)
a. Her deliverance came form contact with Jesus
b. That touch of His garment was the touch of FAITH (v. 48)
c. She exercised far greater faith than she thought she could.
d. She got more than she came for
i. Her illness was healed
ii. Jesus allowed the woman to be healed in order to help her in her embarrassment. However, secret discipleship was impossible . She had to confess her deliverce.
iii. She became a child of God: “Daughter, Go in peace!”
1. This is the only time Jesus ever called a woman, “DAUGHTER” what a distinct privilege. It ment she had become a child of God’s

IV. A Woman’s Declaration (v. 47)
a. “Who touched me?” Did Jesus know?
b. Many surround Chirst who do not touch Him
c. Notice her simple testimony, She told why she had touched Hom and how she was healed immediately
d. Her testimony still heard today


Press through to Jesus
The fear of what otheres will say
What if this woman had not pressed through
Come with your need to JESUS

Lisa Josleyn
January 21, 2014
I feel like this woman because I have diseases with no cures, and I find myself just like her...determined to fight the crowds, which to me are discouragement. I not only reach out to touch the hem of His garment, but cling on to it ever so tightly, unable to let go. He is what gives me strength and hope each new day. And I praise God for His compassion and mercy upon me. This outline for the sermon is very powerful to me. I wish there was a way to read this entire sermon.
Bryne Saurombe
June 10, 2008
that is what the world is surrender to is still desparetly clinging to his own knowledge instead of clinging to God in totality.thats a great sermon
Ordinarily, I don't find outline sermons helpful... but Mr. Fry's grouping of her physical, financial and spiritual desparation spoke to me.