2 Cor. 6:14-18A
Toxic Relationships
H Lee Clay

The term "toxic" is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as meaning, "Of, relating to, or caused by a toxin or other poison". The American Heritage Dictionary goes on to define the word
"relationship" as, "The condition or fact of being related; connection or association."So, if we were to connect the term "Toxic Relationship" and examine itís meaning in a definitive kind of way as a joint term, the meaning might read like this."The condition of being poisoned by a particular connection or association."

If there is anything that can hurt or harm us physically, psychologically or emotionally it is toxins that can get inside of you or on you and destroy your health and ultimately your life. Why, because "toxins" or poison. And in like manner, toxic relationships can harm your life by destabilizing your peace of mind, undermining your vision and killing your joy because toxic relationships poison your life!

Iíve done a little studying on toxins and Iíve learned a few things.

And they are:
1. Toxins are Abrasive: Anything that is abrasive
gradually "wears something away". (Elaborate)
2. Toxins are "Corrosive". Anything corrosive
gradually "eats or melts something away" (acid)

If a relationship is healthy and everything but
toxic it should result in the fruit of:

1. Progress (Every round ought to go higher and
2. Productivity (Fruitful)
3. Prosperity (Growth)
If a relationship is unhealthy and toxic it will
generally reveal itself as such by the fruit of:
1. Stagnation (No progress or growth)
2. Degradation (to be reduced; going down)
3. Deflation (To come into a lower level of
value ďself-esteem or self valueď)

In the text, the Word of God instructs those who are connected to God and His Light to come out from among from among them and their darkness.He tells me to come out of relationships that are harmful to my relationship with Him and that are harmful to myself.

My enemies are not only ďexternalĒ but they are also ďinternalĒ. There is always a constant that is occupying my life and that is the battle that rages inside of me. Paul declares in Romans 7, ďI donít understand myself at all, in my flesh, etcĒ.

A great source of much of the grief that comes to my life comes as a result of many of the dumb choices that I make. I have to come to a point as to where I am willing to admit that much of the toxic poison that gets into the system of my own existence comes out of my own spirit.

There is some stuff that is going on in my life that God is not pleased with. Itís because of my connection to people that I have no business being connected to. And at the same time there is grief that has visited my life that grieves God of which the source is not people on the outside of me, but demons that have attached themselves to my spirit.

Not only do I need to respond through faith and obedience to Godís Word