what kind of bait to tie on and throw to awaken the sinful desires in your soul.

o The nature of sin. James now changes metaphors from hunting and fishing to childbirth. He describes sin in terms of the process of childbirth.
o Desire conceives. This is where sin begins. It starts with our desires. We see, hear, taste, or sense something that triggers a desire. We think that the bait that triggered our desire will satisfy our souls. A longing is aroused by a bait.
o Sin is born. When we act upon that desire, sin is born. We take the bait. We indulge the desire.
o Sin grows to maturity and then gives birth to death. The ultimate end of sin is death. This encompasses both physical and spiritual death. Of course, believers will not experience spiritual death. However, physical death may result from sin in believers. The destructive nature of sin is emphasized here.

APP: Where do we start dealing with sin? Not at the end of the process but the beginning. We start by learning to control our desires. We learn to control the emotions that drive those desires. How? By renewing our mind with Godˇ¦s Word and learning to yield to the Holy Spirit. By developing godly desires. By building up resistance to the baits of the tempter.
You cannot wait until you are in front of your computer screen to start dealing with the temptation of pornography. You cannot wait until you are seated on the bar stool to start dealing with the temptation of alcohol. You cannot wait until you are yelling at your kids to deal with the temptation of rage. You must begin where the process begins ˇV with desires.
ILL: A middle school principal was getting tired of the young girls putting lipstick marks all over the bathroom mirrors. So, one day she invited all the girls into the bathroom to instruct them. She said, ˇ§All these lipstick marks are making the work of our custodian very difficult. He has to put a lot of effort into cleaning these mirrors.ˇ¨ She then asked the custodian to clean the mirror. He took a long-handled brush and dipped it into the toilet and proceeded to clean the mirror with it. The lipstick marks were no longer a problem.
When tempted to sin, if we could only see the real filth we would be kissing, we wouldnˇ¦t be near as attracted to it.

TS ˇV Temptations often accompany trials. But donˇ¦t blame God for temptation. He doesnˇ¦t tempt you. In contrast to the evil temptation seeks to create note what James says next.

III. God gives only good and perfect gifts (vv. 16-18).
A. Donˇ¦t be deceived into thinking that God would be the
Mastermind of evil in your life.
B. God gives only good and perfect gifts.
1. In the original, the first term highlights the act of
giving. The second term refers to the gift given.
2. So, every act of giving and every gift given by
God is perfect.
C. God is the unchanging Father of lights.
1. Father of lights refers to God as creator of the
starry host of the universe.