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True Commitment to God or a Commitment that is True to God


Sermon shared by Bartholomew Riggins

November 2009
Summary: God will fulfill the desires of those who fear him. God wants to be near to those who publishes his name both in prayer and good news sharing. God will preserve those who love him through obedience.
Denomination: Church of God
Audience: General adults
We greet you this afternoon praising God from whom all blessings are always flowing. We stand before you in the Name of Jesus Christ, the name that is above all names.
I now invite your attention for a short while this afternoon from the book of Psalm chapter 145 and verses 18-20. The hundredth and 45th division of Psalm and verses 18-20, when you have found it, let me hear you say amen. Let us stand for the reading and hearing and doing of Godís Holy word. While we are standing, repeat affirmation for the word of God after me, I believe that God is who Godís word says that He is, I believe that God will do what Godís word says that He will do. I believe that I am who Godís Word says that I am. Thy Word O Lord is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, amen. Psalm 145 and verses 18-20; I am reading from the New King James, please follow along as I read aloud. You may be seated. Thanks be unto the Lord for the reading, hearing and doing of Godís Holy Word.
I want to speak from the thought today a true commitment or a commitment that is true. A true commitment or a commitment that is true. Say that to your neighbor, a true commitment or a commitment that is true. Amen. I want to use our time this afternoon to focus on these three verses to talk about what it means to have a true commitment to God or a commitment that is true unto God. One of the things that is clear throughout the word of God is that our commitment to God drives our availability to God. Our commitment to God drives our energy that is designated toward the things of God. How many of you know that you do designate your energy to things in this life. You may not sit down and say that I will designate my energy to this or that todayÖbut the fact is whatever you engulf and tie up your life with day to day thatís what you are designating your energy toward. Our commitment to God also drives our time that is set aside toward God. In other words whatever the level of commitment in your heart toward God will determine how much time you spend with him, how much time you are involved in Godís business, how much energy you give toward God, how available you are for the ministry and the work of the church and kingdom.
And one of the things that I have found to be a track record in the lives of us as Christian children of God is that our commitment from the deep person inside us toward God is what is going to determine if we grow in God, if we reach new levels in Christ Jesus, and if we produce fruit in the Holy Spirit. And one of the things that I have learned so clearly in pastoring is that I cannot give you commitment. I just cannot give it to you. You and I have to develop for ourselves true commitment to God. I have learned that I cannot give you commitment. I already know that I canít draw commitment out of us. But I also know that commitment is not transferrable; It is individually developed in each person. I can tell you all about commitment.
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