Our story starts with blind Bartemaeus sitting by the wayside begging for a living.
He had a crisis in his life, He was blind and he was a beggar

Somebody here knows what it feels like to have a crisis in your life.
Somebody came to this service today in a crisis situation.

*You may have just received that bad doctors report.
*You may have just been told by your spouse that they donít love you anymore, and theyíve found someone else.
*Your lawyer may have just told you that everything you have been working for and planning for is gone, the money you thought you had is gone.
*A company you worked for, for 20 years is downsizing and theyíre laying you off.

I donít know what your crisis might be, but Iíve come to give you some good news.

Your crisis can be the turning point in your life

It is sad that many people never think about God until they have a crisis in their life.

A Crisis is a problem or situation or condition that is beyond your control or ability to change.

Bartemaeus had a crisis a problem, a condition beyond his ability to change, he could not heal himself, he could not deliver himself.

The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years had a crisis in her life, she had exhausted every natural possible solution (she had been to many physicians and spent all of her money, and was in worse condition than ever).

Jairus the ruler of the synagogue was also at a crisis point in his life, (his daughter was at the point of death).
The good news is: that for all three of these people their crisis became their turning point.

Lets see how Bartemaeus crisis became his turning point.
#1 He recognized his need:,
You canít be helped until you admit you need it.

#2 He made a choice:
He chose to cry out to Jesus
Your life to date is the product of choices you have made.
Your life may be a wreck because of wrong choices you have made, but today like bartemaeus you can make the right choice and cry out to Jesus.

One right choice can turn your life around.

#3 He conquered pride:
One of the biggest hindrances to people receiving from God is the spirit of pride.

Pride will tell you, youíre too good for that.
If Naaman the Leper would have let it, his pride would have sentenced him to death by leprosy.
Pride will tell you that you can do it yourself,
Pride will tell you that real men donít cry.
Pride will tell you that all your friends are watching you.

If Bartemaeus would have let his pride keep him from crying out to Jesus he would have missed his miracle.

Jesus was near to him, but it was his cry of desperation that got the attention of Jesus.

I can pray for you and intercede on your behalf but it is your cry coming from your heart that gets Jesus attention.
If you are too proud to cry out to him he will pass you by.

The next thing is: People around you will try and stop you from receiving from God.
They told him to be quiet, he was too emotional too loud, he was making too much noise.