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Today, we are in our second week in a series we creatively called five. And we are talking about five things that we as pastors at Sun Valley want not from you, but for you. Five things that if they were true of your life, would take your experience of God, your perspective on life and I believe, your satisfaction in life to a whole new level.

Last week Chad said that what we wish for you is that you would experience a "free fall" with God. A time when God asks you to step out of your comfort zone, a time when you have to trust God so much, that if he doesnít come through it is going to fail. And the reason we want that so much for you is that it is that a freefall is the only time that we experience our faith colliding with Godís faithfulness and it takes us to a whole new level of trust in our God.

This week our wish for you is actually a verse straight from scripture. Itís probably not one that you have ever read, or if you did you probably just skimmed right over it. But itís there and I think that it is very revealing. And it is something that I want for you. It is Philemon 6 (Philemon only has one chapter, itís a very small book) Philemon is a letter written by Paul to his friend named....Philemon. Oh youíre good. So this is friend to friend and Paulís wish for Philemon is our wish for you. Letís read it aloud together:

What we wish for you:

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Philemon 6

What Paul is saying here is that there is a level of the Christian life that can only happen when we are actively engaging others in the spiritual side of our lives. He says that there is something that happens in the life of a Christian, when we share our faith, that doesnít result from any other activity in the Christian life.

Now some of you know this because you are active in sharing your faith. Now, I am so thankful that you are a people who have a heart to share your faith! Last month you wrote down the names of thousands of people you are praying for to know God. Many of you are constantly inviting friends to come to church. A lot of you have seen friends and family make a decision to put God at the center of their life. A lot of you pick up CDs after the service and say Iím going to take this to a friend who should have been here...really needed to hear this. So I know a lot of you have sharing your faith on your mind and a lot of you are already experiencing this.

You come in on a weekend and youíve brought a friend and you introduce them to me and you ask "whoís speaking?" and when you find out it is me you say, this is my friendís first time here...which is code for "Scott, donít blow it!" And I understand. Because every week you come in here and when itís just you, you do your best to pull out the principles for yourself. But when you have a friend with you, the stakes seem so much higher! So you look