2 Chronicles 2 1 - 6

Solomon was determined to build a house for the name of the Lord; he made a choice and it was hot like that tornado fire the world witnessed during the month of August 2010. Man has chosen to work the same way twice but not with his eyes. Itís time to get over - ourselves; itís time to get out of the way of Godís people before God moves toward the stage to show us a visual. Needless to say, when this happens everybody gone be clueless, in other words get out of the way of the Lordís work; it doesnít matter who you are and why you are the way you are. Donít play with fire; justice does what God has placed in its heart to do, if you saw what I saw.

Play time never ends for God; Solomon chose men to bear the burden and chose men to hew in the mountain and chose men to oversee them. Donít test the Grace of God, if we are going to work for God be ready to work over time because we are working for a plan for the future. Something we all need to know about; we are not crazy as other suppose but we are trying to be the best that we can be with this vapor that appears for a little while then vanishes away. Have all the fun you can have in Christ Jesus; you havenít committed a crime even if the world try to throw your chair out the door because they are deaf to God and a copy cat, and they make trouble for us.

Huram the King of Tyre made the party perfect by supplying David the father of Solomon with cedar to build and that was awesome from day one. David was able to pull some things off because the King of Tyre has the attitude of how much do you need and how much does it cost. Let me tell you something, quick to remember! It cost being a Christian and being in love with God, because you and I got to fight the creeping things in the shadow, and there out to get us. I got a really strong feeling about this, thatís why we got to stay close to Grace. Solomon wants the same make-up, smiling, dancing, and legacy without artificial hope, without artificial friendship and Iím not just talking about New Jersey.

Our life in Christ Jesus is on the line and there is no turning back because of one little rumor. Iím talking about picking up the few pieces the world has left behind; Iím talking about seeing the cross and denying ourselves and following Jesus even if youíre not a model citizen and ten is the highest and you donít even reach the top five. And if your house isnít as fabulous as your neighborís or if you donít have as much order or the perfect picture thatís plugged into the wall introducing a crispy crunch, know that Jesus is the biggest player. If God is for you it is more then they that can be against you. I heard a lady say ďAmerica is a big ship and when we all work together thatís when we make it home safetyĒ I said to her all of us donít work together so only a few of us will get to wear the crown.

If we donít expose our conscience to Huram the King of Tyre, guest what heís going to do? Heís going to drop out the