Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
1 Corinthians 4:14-21

INTRODUCTION: Pastoral ministry is often a precarious ministry. Many times pastors walk into or are called to situations, which are delicate and or sensitive in nature. Often, pastor are misconstrued, misquoted, and roasted. Pastor are not perfect, yet they are often expected to walk a thin line between love and conviction, heart and mind, between right and wrong. This places pastor firmly between the title of today’s message. Pastoring is then either a plight or a passion. For me, pasturing is a passion. I can imagine myself doing nothing else. I can also say that I am always in a learning mode. I have not gotten to the point, nor do I think I will ever get to the point of not needing to learn. Just as the world is evolving, ministry too is evolving. Different issue come to the forefront, never usurping the ultimate ministry need – the gospel. Families face different crisis. Individuals are under pressure like never before. Violence seems to have skyrocketed. The influence of anti-Christian organizations and pseudo-Christian cults is mounting. Through all of this, a pastor must navigate, balancing the communication of truth in love, with feelings and emotions of those he ministers to.

Paul faced this with the Corinthian Church, and as such, Paul gave the church some thoughts regarding pastors and their ministries.

In reality, this could be a “reverse church” message. I could be sitting down there, and all of you could be standing up here. I need to hear what is recorded for us in the text. Yet, perhaps it is at this time in God’s plan that we all together receive his instruction concerning pastors.


A Pastoral relationship are to be close relationships
1 Close relationships are built with time
a Cannot hope to become close to someone quickly
b Cannot hope to become close to someone without investing time in them
2 Close relationships are built with trust
a Every relationship we have is based on trust – it is just the degree of trust involved
b The greater the trust, the greater the relationship
3 Close relationships are built with crisis
a Crisis pulls people together
b Just look at the New Testament – how many times did crisis bring people together to pray?
1) Upper room – Pentecost
2) The imprisonment of Peter
4 Close relationships are built with mutual points of contact
a Many times there is a common thread that draws people together.

B Pastor relationships are to be respectful relationships
1 Notice, Paul says he is writing to warn not to shame
2 No genuine pastor would not hesitate to warn those in his care of danger
a At the same time, no “child” under his care would fail to heed the warning
3 The goal of the warning is seen in the difference of the words.
a When we are shamed, we will change the actions alone
b When we are warned, we will change the