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Unleashing God's Power in Your Life


Sermon shared by David Dewitt

August 1998
Summary: God wants to unleash His power in our lives
Denomination: Wesleyan
Audience: Believer adults
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c.) Let God make you into all that you can become
1.) Allow God to mend the broken pieces of your life
2.) Allow God to bring a new wholeness into your life
3.) Allow God to help you reach the potential He has placed in your life

C. Prayer to God
1. Prayer is bringing yourself into Godís presence
a.) Prayer is entering into the presence of God
b.) No relationship can exist without communication
c.) We can take all of our hurts and pain to God
1.) We all want someone to care deeply about us and our needs
2.) Prayer is the way to see how much God cares about you
2. Prayer will allow you to make an impact
a.) Prayer impacts your life
b.) Prayer impacts those you pray for
c.) Prayer impacts the life of the church

D. Seeking Godís face
1. When you seek Godís face you will find Him
a.) Q - Do you want to find God?
b.) The only way to find God is to seek Him with all your heart
2. When you seek Godís face, you become more than you have ever dreamed
a.) Seeking God will instanly help you grow
b.) Seeking God will bring new freshness to your soul
1.) Godís blessing will enter into you life
2.) Godís love will fill the emptiness of your soul

E. Turning to God
1. Turn from your sin
a.) We are all sinners
b.) We all have the same problem
c.) We need to leave this lifestyle behind us
2. Turn to the grace of God
a.) Believe that God loves you unconditionally
b.) Allow Godís grace to enter every area of your life
c.) Know that God has the power to meet all of the needs you have in your life

III. Accept the Covenant
A. God will hear you
1. God will listen to your prayers
a.) Your needs and prayers are important to God
b.) God is always on call - 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
c.) God will never turn away from you and your needs
2. God will meet you at your point of need
a.) God will meet you where you are
b.) God will enter into your life
B. God will forgive you
1. God has grace enough to spare
a.) There is no limit to Godís grace
b.) God will issue you a new wave of grace
2. God has grace for you
a.) No person is too far gone for God to reach
b.) No need is too great for God to meet
c.) No void is too big for God to fill
C. God will heal you
1. God will restore the committed
a.) God will bring restoration on a personal level
b.) God will heal the hurts of the past
c.) God will ensure the hope of the future
2. God will renew the church
a.) God will move in the church through restored souls
b.) Godís power will reach the lost
c.) Godís power will empower people
d.) Godís power will increase His Kingdom
3. God will revive the community
a.) Godís power moving through renewed churches
b.) Godís power will transform multiple lives
c.) Godís power will break the barriers of bondage

I. The Power Plant
A. The use of coal: Coal is mined and loaded, coal is shipped to generating plant, coal is crushed into powder, coal is blown into furnaces that power huge turbines
B. The power is generated: Turbines spin at 3600 RPMs, turbines are cased in concrete and steel, casings are 100 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall, they generate electricity for whole cities
C. No place for storage: Visitor - "Where do you stroe the electricity?
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