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Uzziah Must Die


Sermon shared by Charles Hughes

June 2006
Summary: What we had been trusting in has been revealed to be flawed. Our confidence: our faith in ourselves, in our military, in our power, in our wealth, in our “goodness” has been called into question. In this message, Dr. Charles Hughes challenges you to
Denomination: Charismatic
Audience: General adults
Uzziah Must Die

We’re living in, perhaps, the most critical period of time in the history of the church. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen the entire atmosphere of the whole world changed forever. America will never be the same way it was prior to September 11th. The church has also changed. We, as believers, have been forced to look at our personal level of faith and our daily testimony: how we are lining up with the word of God in our lives.

We’ve even asked the same questions the unbeliever is asking:
a. Where was God on that fateful day?
b. What was He doing?
c. Why did God let this terrible thing happen?

Where was God on Sept. 11th?
a. He was in the World Trade Center towers.
b. He was on board the four planes that were used as weapons of destruction.
c. He was at the Pentagon.

What was He doing?
a. He was watching over His word to perform it.
b. God was insuring that man’s right to choose was enforced.
c. He was also present to receive those who had made a decision to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Somewhere in the WTC towers, a believer had just arrived to begin what they thought would be a normal workday. They were perhaps reaching out to turn their desktop computer on when a plane came crashing into the building. But, instead of flipping the switch on the computer, they found their hand in the grasp of Jesus. God had received them unto Himself in glory.

On a more personal note:
a. Where was God when you got pregnant out of wedlock?
b. Where was God when you got that young girl pregnant?
c. Where was God when you stole that candy bar from the 7-11?

He was right there with you, defending your right to have dominion in the earth and over your own life. We, however, must live with the consequences. America’s confidence has been shaken.

The notion that we are untouchable, unhurtable, invincible has forever been proven a lie. What we had been trusting in has been revealed to be flawed. Our confidence: our faith in ourselves, in our military, in our power, in our wealth, in our “goodness” has been called into question.

We have to choose this day who we’re going to serve.

Read Isaiah 6:1

In verse 1, we see that Isaiah saw the Lord the year King Uzziah died.

The first thing we need to do is to find out who Uzziah was. Uzziah was king of Judah. He was considered a ‘good’ king, in that he did what was right in the sight of God. But Uzziah became prideful and sinned against God by burning incense in the temple, which was the duty of the priests. As a result, he was smitten with leprosy and he was a leper until he died.

Uzziah was a great king and Isaiah apparently looked up to him. Isaiah was a man of God. He was a prophet. Yet, he didn’t see the Lord until Uzziah died. Why? Because he had more respect for Uzziah than he had for God. He depended on Uzziah more than he depended on God. Instead of having his eyes on God, Isaiah had been trusting in the king. It wasn’t until that which he had placed between himself and God had been removed that he was able to see the God he was called to serve.

There is an Uzziah in each of our lives, and he needs to die if we’re going to see the Lord as we need to see Him. Uzziah takes on many forms. He’s not necessarily a man or woman. My Uzziah may not be the same as your Uzziah. Uzziah is that which you’ve put in a place
Comments and Shared Ideas
Robert Drake
October 23, 2006
This sermon was very helpful. It let me know who and what my king Uzziahs were. Thanks

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