Text found in the book of Matthew 21:1-3

Key text: Go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her: loose them, and bring them unto me.

Loose yourself...
It seems so everlasting that we face the mecca of scheduled setbacks, circumstances, and mismatches that ship us away from our greatest potential. And once we reach that point in life, where we find ourselves being shipped to an unknown place in our hearts we instnatly become tied up with situations, people who may have similar stances, as well as, our own negative outlook of things to come. From there we are easily submissive and tied down due to everyday demands.
Many of us are tied down with relationships, raising children, and holding a honest reputation at work, up until the point where we realize we need a permanent vacation. We need a permanent vacation from the bondage of everyday activites, we need a vacation from the knots of material things and the evil things money can buy, we need a vacation from the hard knots of life.
Yes, you!
Iím sorry, but that brand new Lexus vehicle isnít going to pull up speaking in an audible voice saying "I love you", that new big screen Magnovox isnít going to just grow arms and hug you, that expensive outfit isnít going to come alive and encourage you in your worst hour. Some of you need to get around someone who will speak a word from God, send a message from scripture into your situation,and ultimately untie you from the knots youíve been in. Loose yourself!
In verse 3 Jesus said, "go over into the village agaisnt you. In those days the village was a small unit or community on the outskirts of a major town or province. This is symbolic in the form that Jesus isnít going into the world until the Church is loosed from the knots. And itís time for the Christian believer to go over into their hearts and find the potential that Jesus infers is tied up. Loose your potential because the Lord has a need for you. You might be able to outdance Ciara and outrap Twister, but if you canít untie the very essence of life which is belief in God that he can and will use you in miraculous ways, God canít use you. God canít use you if you are tied up in knots and refuse to be untied.
Jesus said go find: and sometimes we have to go find our potential, but its hard to find something if you donít have Jesus ordering you in that direction (is anybody going to listen to me). You donít have to hide out. Once you find your potential then you must loose your potential and untie those knots.
When circumstances get too tight, you must untie some of those thoughts youíve felt tied to, and unravel some of those knots in your mind that try to hold you back from your purpose. Others are tied in knots concerning school, finances, job and career knots that may be hard to get loose. But itís time for the church to understand, that in order for God to use your potential, youíll have to not only find but youíll