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There is a company in England which makes beds with a price tag Of $7.000.00. It includes bedspreads of mink, heated mattress, build in TV and sound system.

I canít imagine paying that much for a bed but I guess if one were weary enough, he would pay any price for a good nightís rest.

There are many this morning who do not know a night of rest and peace; even some Christians. The reason being, they are not walking with God, they are out of fellowship with Him.

Someone once said, if we as Christians would act like Christians and walk with God, nothing could halt the army of God.


A-Paul Says Notice Our Past: 8A
For ye were sometimes darkness

Before we met Christ Jesus we lived in darkness. We were spiritually blind. We were hopelessly and helplessly lost, void of any light whatsoever. We were content in the darkness.

While I was in the darkness, my aunt kept asking me to trust Jesus, to get involved in the Church. But I refused for I was blind to the goodness and grace of God.

I thank God I didnít die in the darkness, but God allowed me to see the Light of His Salvation.

ILLUSTRATION-I heard about a pig who got out of his pen and ended up wondering in the woods. While in the woods, he found a liquor still. He ate up some old corn mash and got drunk. Several of his pig acquaintances found out and reported his to the Swine Council. They had a meeting and were about to throw him out, but he pleaded with them and promised, "If you will give me second chance Iíll never act like a human again." -Tom Dooley

When we were in darkness, before we experienced salvation, our nature wasnít too pleasing.

B-Paul Says Notice Our Present:8B
but now are ye light in the Lord

Now, we live in the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. by Godís grace we have been made light in the Lord

Because the Lord has brought us from the darkness into the light, we ought to have Him on our mind heart continually.

ILLUSTRATION: During a long and losing baseball game, the restless 12-year-old players were questioning Ritchie, their assistant coach, about his attractive younger sister. Annoyed at the idle chatter, the head coach hollered, "When youíre in the dugout, talk baseball!" After a momentís silence, a young voice began, "So, Ritchie, does your sister play baseball?" -- Christian Reader

C-Paul Says Notice Our Performance: 8C
walk as children of light

That being the situation, we should conduct our lives as children of light. We are to be noticeably different from those who dwell in darkness. Jesus should make a difference in our lives!

"I love Thee, I love Thee
and that Thou doest know;
But how much I love Thee,
my actions will show."

But sometime our actions fail to show our Love for our Love. Someone has mentioned it in the songs we sing.

We sing Onward Christian Soldiers and wait to be drafted into