Gen. 3:8
Gen. 4:6-10
Walking with God

We first walked with God physically and spiritually, in the garden of eden. In verse Gen. 3:8 ďAnd they heard the sound of God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.Ē We can see that Adam and Eve were so accustom to God walking in the garden that they knew what God sounded like, walking. What do you think God walking sounded like?

But after we were separated by sin from God, we did not walk with him physically anymore. Then we could only walk with him in our heart and actions.

Letís look how Cainís choices play out on his heart and actions.
And here God gives us insight into our walk with Him in reference to sin. Look in Gen 4:6,7 where God is talking to Cain. God knew what was on Cainís heart. God is cautioning Cain, trying to help him. What does he say about sin? Gen 4:7 ďSin is crouching at your door and looking to have you, but you must master it.Ē Master it? How do we do that? There is only one-way, walk through life with God.

Lets look on down further in the story at the result of sin. Gen. 4:9 God asks Cain where Abel is after heís killed him. When God ask Cain of Abelís whereabouts Cain lies to God telling him he doesnít know. Then Cain shows God contempt and says, ďAm I my brothers keeper? Second generation sin here. Remember, Adam and Eve were ashamed of their sin and hid. We donít see the same response from Cain. This was an amazing response to God. Sin had ruined Cainís concept of right and wrong. Justice has become twisted up in Cainís reality. Even when punished the scriptures say nothing of Cainís repentance, only that he complains that it is too harsh and is worried that others will kill him. Heís focused on himself, an attribute we often see repeated in sin. So Cain had lost the sense of right and wrong, and became self-centered by not walking with God.

In verse 10 the Lord says, "What have you done? Listen! Your brotherís blood cries out to me from the ground.Ē Let me just point out here that there is a connection to our sin and relationships with others, another negative result to not walking with God. This example given here between Cain and Able is extreme, but opens to us the realism that our sin affects others. Let me ask you, what others are affected by your not walking with God; boss at work, sister, brother, mom, dad, husband, wife, children? How long can it go on before becomes more destructive. There was a time when Cain had the opportunity to walk with God and after passing it up sin ruined him.

So we need to learn how to walk with God. Lets see what the bible says about walking with God. In these verses you can substitute the word ďliveĒ to help have a better understanding of what ďwalkĒ means in the scriptures.
Isaiah 2:3 ďThat He may teach us concerning His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.Ē
Isa 2:5 ďlet us walk in the light of the Lord.Ē
Eze 11:20 ďthat they may walk in My statues and keep My ordinances,