study, prayer, fellowship with Godís people.
III. Following His temptation, Jesus embarked on a life of service.
A. The beginning of His public ministry: Matt. 4:17, 23
1. He began ministering in Galilee and gathered disciples.
2. He preached the Kingdom and ministered to the suffering.
3. He lived a totally selfless life, committed to the will of God.
B. Many good deeds are done apart from God:
1. Man, created in Godís image. Still has some good in him.
2. Non-Christians sometimes make real sacrifices.
3. Non-Christian organizations like Red Cross, Good Will, CARE, etc. Do much good.
C. What is the difference between good deeds and Christian good deeds?
1. Jesusí ministry was different because motivated and enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit.
2. The Christian works by the same spirit and power as Jesus.
3. He works in Godís behalf out of gratitude for what God has done.
4. He can do more because God works with him.
5. Moreover, what he does endures for eternity and brings him into partnership with God.
IV. His ultimate struggle with self: Matt. 26:36-46
A. It seems this was His last great struggle.
1. His words in v. 38 must be taken literally. He would not exaggerate at such a time.
2. He takes His 3 closest friends. We see the value of companionship at such times of stress.
3. But, we see a need to be alone with the Father.
4. He finds strength and resolution in surrender to the Fatherís will.
B. We all have our Gethsemane:
1. Those who follow Jesus must give their lives in surrender to the Fatherís will.
2. We must decide for God or self.
3. Friends canít help, but can encourage and pray for us if they care. Some donít.
4. A song says, ďYou must walk that lonesome valley all alone.Ē
5. You can only emerge victorious through the Spirit of God.
6. To walk with Jesus in the Spirit is to live a surrendered life.
V. He won the final victory on Easter morning.
A. It was by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rom. 1:4
1. The Roman soldiers made sure there was no life in His flesh.
2. Loving hands that removed Him from the cross would have detected the slightest pulse, barest movement, least warmth.
3. The H. S. Reentered that body and no Roman sword not seal could have prevented it.
4. ILLUS.: Dallas Holme song. ďIíll rise again. Death canít keep me in the ground. Iíll rise again. Thereís no power on earth can keep me down.Ē
B. That same H. S. Will raise us. Rom. 8:11
1. In our flesh there is no life. Rom. 8:10,13
2. But, itís impossible to kill a soul in which Godís Spirit lives.
3. Glory beyond compare is coming. Rom. 8:18.
CONC.: Read Gal. 5:22-25. There are indeed two ways to walk, Two sources of power and guidance. The flesh and the Spirit. The way of the flesh leads to death. To walk with Jesus in the Spirit is to find peace and eternal life.