Watch out for dream killers!
Pastor Lorenzo Edwards
N.S.P.B.C. 1/19/2008

Jesus states in John 10:10 that the thief desire is to come steal kill and destroy your life. And to counter that Jesus say that he has come to give life in abundance. And if you would happen to look up the word abundance. You will find that it means beyond measure. To have an advantage, to be rich, and overflowing. So whenever the enemy knows that God has a plan for his children, whenever he knows that God has a blessing for you, he will try to step in and intercept what is coming your way. He doesn’t want to see you living in abundance he doesn’t want to see you walking upright with the Lord. So he comes to steal your riches, he comes to kill your inheritance and he comes to destroy your faith in God.

And a lot of times when we think that the thief comes to steal us generally think that he comes to take some tangible things from us. You know something’s that we can feel something’s we can see. And when we think that, the enemy comes to kill we may generally think that he comes to kill our body or to put sickness upon us. But I want you to think a little deeper today. Yes all those things are true the devil comes to take all that he can. Your passions your health and he comes to destroy everything that he comes in contact.

But as we see in Gen. 37:5 that when Joseph had a dream. (Let me hear somebody say a dream.) And he related that dream to his brothers. That is when the enemy stepped in. See you can have a dream but it is when you plan to live out that dream, is when the enemy tries to destroy it. When you make up in your mind that I am going to walk in my dreams and the desires and the visions that God has giving me. That is when the enemy looks to see who he may devour. When you began to walk in what you know that God has for you that is when it seems like all hell has broken loose.

See Joseph brothers already disliked him because he was his father’s favorite. His father made him a coat of many colors. But it was not until Joseph had a dream is when the enemy thought that now I got to destroy him. If he began to walk in the dreams and the Visions that God has giving him he will be a success. See it is not until you make up in your mind that you are going to live out your dream that is when the enemy comes in like a flood. But I am here today on divine assignment to tell you to watch out for those dream killers. Don’t let people stop you from dreaming. His brothers said here comes that dreamer. People that you think you can trust with your visions, people you think you can trust with your dreams. And hope they will be there to support you. The devil will use them to destroy your dreams. Does any one here know what I am talking about? Everything could be find in your relationship with someone a brother or a sister or a close relative, and sometimes even your own spouse. Than all of a sudden they just turn left. Things began to fall apart. The