Giving all honors and obediance to God the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. It is indeed an honor as well as a pleasure to be found in the house of God one more time. I am like David when he said, "I was glad when they said come let us go into the house of the Lord." For the Lord is good in greatness and he is great in goodness. Iím glad to see as many people who are present tonight and just for that cause you ought to be jumping and shouting because itís not who you are that you are here, but itís who you know. I know that I am well taken care of while preaching because I have God the father above me, Iíve got his son Jesus Christ beside me, Iíve got the holy spirit within me, and Iíve got all of his angels encamped around me. And if thatís too complicated for you, Ive got the creator inside of the creation. Those who you who brought your weapon (Bible) please look with me at Philippians 3:2. The main objective here is a dog. I have a story about a dog and it goes a little like this: There was a little dog inside on a porch inside of a gate. Every time someone walks past the gate he would run to the fence and bark, bark, bark. But one day his owners forgot to close the gate. Someone walked past the house and the little dog came flying off of the porch and when he noticed the gate was open. He ran back up on the porch and went to sleep. And thatís the way it is in the church. Some folk would raise a hundred dollars worth of Hell about something as long as the gate is locked, but when we have to face the issue the first thing they say is Bro. Pastor I donít know a thing about that. As far as I know Bro./Sis. so-and-so is alright. See the gate is open now. But donít worry about them phise dogs, you just watch those dogs.
Well the second type dog is a chow dog. He has a black tongue. And heís a very treacherous dog. Chow dog heís playful when heís a puppy, but when he getís old he getís trecherous. Let me tell you the church has suffered enough fights, falling outs, and splits because of treacherous folk. Trechery is the greatest enemy the church has ever had. Trechery is the worst virus in human nature. Trechery is confounded of evil strawed, cowardness, and revenge. Trechery is a cancer in our society. It will eat away love and peace. Trechery is the greatest traitor that ever committed domestic treason. Trecherywill stop the choir from singing; trechery wil stop the ushers from serving; trechery will stop a church from shouting. Trechery is a little dog in the middle of big dogs. you just watch them dogs.
One day these dogs were in a yard and they found a bone. The little dog stayed back and let the big dogs fight over the bone and while the big dogs were fighting the little dog came and picked up the bone and politely walked away with it. And when the big digs stopped fighting they looked and the bone and the little dog were gone. Well this happens in our church. While the preacher and the deacons are arguing over something, the other fellow