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We are Saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ Hebrews 9:19-22 NLT

I. The blood of Jesus gives us salvation.

There are but two essential requirements: First: has anyone cheated death and proved it? Second: Is it available to me? Here is the complete record: Confuciusí tomb is occupied. Buddhaís tomb is occupied. Mohammedís tomb is occupied. Jesusí tomb is empty. Argue as you will. There is no point in following a loser. G. B. Hardy

Throughout the ages, wherever the Gospel has been welcomed, Christians have sung with deep joy and gratitude about what the Apostle Peter calls ďthe precious blood of ChristĒ. But why this distinction? Because the Bible teaches us that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin. The blood is not unimportant to the Bibleís message, something that can be put to one side without affecting the heart of the Gospel. It is the heart of the Gospel! The blood of Jesus refers to His sacrificial death on the cross.

Jesus told His disciples that the New Covenant was being found in His blood. It was told us in JER 31:31-34, "The day will come," says the Lord, "When I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and Judah. This covenant will not be like the one I made with their ancestors when I took them by the hand and brought them out of the land of Egypt. They broke that covenant, though I loved them as a husband loves his wife," says the Lord. "But this is the new covenant I will make with the people of Israel on that day," says the Lord. "I will put my laws in their minds, and I will write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. And they will not need to teach their neighbors, nor will they need to teach their family, saying, íYou should know the Lord.í For everyone, from the least to the greatest, will already know me," says the Lord. "And I will forgive their wickedness and will never again remember their sins."

II. The blood of Jesus was Godís plan for salvation.

Paul told the elders of the church in Ephesus that the church had been purchased by the blood of the Lord. He wrote that the redemption of sinful men and women depends on the exchange Jesus made when He shed His blood. To exchange means to satisfy or to settle. It is according to Godís law that the penalty for sin is death. When Christ died on the cross, He satisfied Godís entire wrath against our sin.
The amazing truth of the Gospel: is that out of sheer unreasonable love for us, the Father and the Son, with the Spirit, created a beautiful plan for our salvation. The Father would pour out His judgment against our sins on His Son, who in loving faithfulness to His Father and out of love for us was willing to die on the cross. He took our sin so that we might be clothed in His righteousness. Through faith, we can stand before Godís holy throne as righteous as Jesus himself, because the righteousness in which we stand clothed there is Jesusí righteousness!
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