Semon Text: Galatians 5: 1, 13-25
July 15, 2001

Itís summer time again, and that means a whole bunch of new drivers will be out on the roads. High school students are finishing their Driverís Ed. Courses and practicing for their tests, all in the hopes of getting a driverís license.
It seems like a lot of work for a small piece of plastic with your picture on it. Yet, what power that little card possesses. A driverís license gives an individual the freedom to operate an automobile. What a privilege! Just ask anybody whoís recently gotten a driverís license Ė itís a big deal.
Itís the same way in spiritual matters. Our Lord tells us that we are free Ė free from sin, guilt, even condemnation. Yet, as with any freedom, this freedom we have in Godís kingdom is not something to be abused. When it comes to spiritual matters: WE HAVE A LICENSE. This license is pure privilege. Itís not so much a license to do, as it is a license to enjoy whatís already done. In that sense, we have a license 1) to salvation. We have a license 2) to satisfaction.
1) To Salvation
The apostle is encouraging the Christians in Galatia to apply what they were taught to their lives. Since Jesus Christ has done everything for us, we are freed from a slavish obedience to Old Testament laws. This means living in freedom. Freedom is a word that is near and dear to us. We talk of how we cherish freedom from political tyranny and such. Thatís not the freedom stressed in this section of Scripture though. The freedom we have in Christ Jesus is not political or economic. Itís a spiritual freedom from the tyranny of guilt.
The first thing Paul stresses in these verses is that we are, indeed, free. Itís a state of being.: ďit is for freedom that Christ has set you free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.Ē We have a license to freedom. Itís ours. Itís something that is ours in Jesus Christ. Jesus has set us free. Heís the one who has earned our freedom, our license. He did this by making himself nothing. He emptied himself of all that is glorious and took on our own flesh and blood. He carried the yoke of sin in his own body, and paid the price for our freedom by giving his own life. Jesus made himself nothing, so that we might have everything.
His life, death, and resurrection -- thatís our license and it frees us from the tyranny of guilt. Thereís nothing worse than a guilty conscience, and Satan knows it. He longs to burden us with a yoke of guilt. It happens to us often. Imagine you are speeding along in the freedom of Christ Ėrelishing the fact that you are a child of God in Jesus --and suddenly the Guilt Police pulls you over. The officer-in-charge, Satan, demands to know how you can be so happy.
Right then and there he attempts to diminish the God-given joy you have in your Savior. He types your name into his computer and it prints out a list of ďpriorsĒ: ďsexual