We have been talking about purposes – about why we do what we do.

I have heard people say, “I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.” Is that true? Well, yes that statement is true. You don’t have to come to Christian meetings (youth group, corporate worship, Sunday School, SNBS) to be a Christian. Being a Christian really doesn’t have anything to do with coming or not coming to the meeting that we have here. So why do we have meetings then? Why do we get together on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights? What’s the point? Is it just to have fun, or to learn, or to get fed, or to hang out with friends?

I was thinking back about reasons that I came to meetings. Sometimes I have come because I was forced to. Sometimes I have come because I wanted to be with my friends. Sometimes I have come because I really liked a girl and she was there. Maybe there were even sometimes that I went because I actually wanted to be there for the right reasons. So, I have had various reasons over the years for coming to meetings.


Have you ever thought about why you come to meetings? Have you ever thought, “Why do I go to Elkview Baptist for Sunday School, SNBS, or youth group?” Maybe you are like me and you have different reasons for coming at different times or maybe you really don’t know why. Maybe your parents make you come or you come because you have a good time. Maybe you come to be with your friends. I am sure that there are many reasons why people come here – and really there is nothing wrong with these reasons. However, the Bible tells us what should be one the main reasons why we get together.


Read Hebrews 10:24-25

We meet to stimulate each other toward love and good works.

• This statement should be the “why” of why we get together. It should be the main focus of our meetings. We meet to stimulate love and good works in our lives and the lives of other believers.

• Stimulation can be positive or negative. Too much stimulation or stimulation in the wrong way can be irritating. Compare with too much tickling. The verse that we read uses the word “spur” and a “spur” can be positive or negative.

• Illustrate: What type of character wears spurs? Cowboys wear spurs. Spurs are made to motivate the horse toward certain actions. The cowboy stimulates or motivates the horses to action by jabbing his spurs into the sides of the horse.

• Illustrate: This could be a positive action. Let’s say that the cowboy is riding a horse and it stops on the railroad tracks. The cowboy could use the spurs to cause the horse to move off the tracks so that they won’t be killed. OR Let’s say that the cowboy is rounding up cattle and the cattle are stampeding toward a cliff. The cowboy could uses his spurs to get the horse to move faster to get in front of the cattle so that he can change their direction so they won’t go off a cliff. So, a spur can be positive.