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WE Walk BY Sight And Not By Faith


Paul was in Ephesus when he wrote this epistle and has to write because the Corinthian Church had been stirred up by false teachers who made an attempt to turn the people against Paul. Saying he was:
1) Unstable
2) Overbearing
3) Unimpressive in Appearance and Speech
4) Dishonest
5) unqualified as an Apostle of Jesus Christ

Paul sent Titus to straighten these difficulties out , and upon his return he rejoiced to hear of the Corinthians change of heart. Therefore; Paul writes a letter of thanksgiving for the repentant majority.

Paul now has liberty to Ministers to the Corinthian Church

Writing the 5 Chapter of Second Corinthians explaining to them that while we are in this present state faith supplies the place of direct vision, Yet while in the kingdom we shall have sight but yet not walk with sensual perception but with spiritual connection.

Faith is not predicated upon sensual perception

Although we are saved by grace many of us walk with sensual perception not understanding that we cannot walk with God sensually because:

1) We canít see him in the natural
2) We canít hear him in the natural
3) We canít taste him the natural
4) We canít touch him in the natural
5) We canít smell him natural

Thereís no way to walk with God sensually - We walk with God spiritually. It is our mandate to walk with God by faith. Unfortunately that is not the case in many of our lives we try to attach our faith to God by sensual perception.

Itís easy to walk when you can see where you are walking because physically you are capable of seeing where you are headed.

But if we would lose our natural sight, not figuratively but spiritually we would discover that we can tap into the kingdom of God solely predicated on our walk of faith.

Grasp your spiritual sight

Sight = Spiritual Things & Eternal things.

things we canít see but we do believe.

the goodness of the lord that we canít taste but we know heís good.

God is not in our physical view but we have faith in the things we hope for.

The definition of Faith Is = Conviction or Persuasion with Corresponding actions

The explanation of Faith = Heb 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I have faith that I shall live and shall not die

I have faith if I die I shall live again