1 Corinthians 15:35-58

A. The question in verse 35 is in the mind of everyone at some time or another.
B. These people had denied the resurrection of the body for at least two reasons:
1. Their philosophy taught that the body was evil and only spirit was good. Therefore, they didn’t want a body in eternity.
2. They considered such a resurrection impossible. How can we admit God’s existence and then limit His power? (Acts 26:8).
C. The Corinthians also seemed to ask, “if the resurrection is possible, what will the resurrection body be like?”

I. Paul Uses Three Illustrations (vv. 36-41).
A. The seed and the plant (vv. 36-38).
1. The seed must die to grow into a plant.
2. The seed determines the plant body.
3. Our earthly body is the seed.
4. As the plant is more than the seed, the resurrection body is greater than this earthly body.
B. Flesh and animals (v. 39).
1. There is a difference in the flesh of men, animals, birds and fish.
2. God created everything to fit into its environment.
3. Our resurrection body fits us for our eternal state.
C. Outer space (vv. 40, 41).
1. The sun, moon and stars all have a celestial glory.
2. They are all different; every star is different from every other star.
3. In our glorified bodies, we retain our individuality.
II. Paul Uses Five Contrasts (vv. 42-49).
A. Perishable and imperishable.
B. Dishonor and glory.
C. Weakness and power.
D. Natural and spiritual. He did not say it will be a spirit body, but a spiritual body. The term “spiritual body” refers to that very real body the Christian receives in the resurrection.
E. Adam and Jesus
1. The natural comes before the spiritual.
2. In Adam, we have the earthly likeness.
3. In Christ, we have the heavenly likeness.

A. When Christ returns, the Christian will be resurrected and changed (vv. 50-53).
B. This results in a complete victory over death (vv. 54-56).
C. Let us give thanks and stand firm (vv. 57, 58).

The seed that is planted determines the plant that will grow. You can’t plant beans and have corn grow from that seed. In like manner, you can’t plant a non-Christian and have a Christian resurrection. We still reap what we sow.
Personality extends beyond the grave. My body is that through which I, as a living soul, express myself. The organist expresses her talent and abilities through the instrument. If someone destroys the organ, it does not mean that she ceases to exist. When this body is destroyed, I continue to exist. However, God will give me a new body for expression in my eternal state.