in contact with? Be sure to remain balanced in your service, and God will bless you with victory over Satan each time.

4. The Shield of Faith (vs. 16).
A. As the shield was used by the soldier to deflect arrows, darts, and even stones hurled at him, so our faith helps to quench or stop the darts or attack of the wicked one.
B. Our faith reveals that we trust in God. Although you may doubt your own ability, never doubt God's ability to deliver you out of harms way.
C. The shield used by soldiers was sometimes small, and other times as big as a door. When your faith is strong, there is nothing that the enemy can throw at you that can penetrate if you only believe and trust in God. Your faith should continue to grow, after each victory you are given.

5. The Helmet of Salvation (vs. 17).
A. As the helmet protected the head of the soldier, so our salvation refers to our commitment to God.
B. We are saved from the power of sin, the penalty of sin, and one day even the presence of sin. Therefore, in order to keep our minds from becoming unstable, or our thoughts divided, we must keep our helmet on.
C. Remember that the enemy Satan will try to influence your thoughts and decisions as much as possible. To keep him from influencing you, keep your helmet on and your mind filled with the things of God (Philippians 4:8).

6. The Sword of the Spirit (vs. 17).
A. Every soldier needs a weapon in order to defend himself and keep himself protected. The word of God becomes that weapon for the believer.
B. The Bible itself is referred to as a sword (Hebrews 4:12). Remember that the word of God must become the final authority for what you believe and how you live. It tells us what God wants, expects, and the outcome of all our decisions both for and against God's will.
C. Remember that your faith grows as you become more and more skilled in the usage of the word (Romans 10:17), just as a soldier who practices becomes more skilled in the use of his weapon.

7. Prayer, the Ultimate Offensive Weapon (vs. 18).
A. Many ministers preach only 6 pieces of armour, but God's number of completion and perfection is seven. The seventh piece of armour makes the entire ensemble complete.
B. You must remain in constant contact with your Commanding Officer and prayer is the method of doing this every day. Prayer is also the only offensive weapon. When you pray, you attack Satan and you should understand that a praying believer is the strongest opponent against the attacks of Satan.
C. Paul told the Philippians that when they prayed, they would receive the peace of God that would defy all explanation, and that the two targets that Satan wants, your heart and mind, will be kept safe when you pray (Philippians 4:6-7).

Conclusion: As you now see, God not only gives to every believer soldier 6 pieces of defensive armour, He also gives to every believer soldier an offensive weapon as well. Yet, just as Paul told