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Acts 10:39-43
In 1957, a song, entitled ĎWhat A Difference A Day Makesí sold more than two million copies. When I think of of that song title, I realized that could apply to many dates and events.

But the greatest day in history was the day that Jesus Christ came forth from the tomb. That was the first Easter.

We come to Church because Sunday is the day of His resurrection. Ever since Jesus burst out of the grave having conquered death and hell, Christians have worshiped on Sunday, the first day of the week.

Philip Henry used to call the Lordís day the queen of days, the pearl of the week, and observed it accordingly. His common salutation of his family or friends, on the Lordís day in the morning, was that of the primitive Christians--"The Lord is risen, He is risen indeed;" making it his chief business on that day to celebrate the memory of Christís resurrection; and he would say sometimes, "Every Lordís day is a true Christianís Easter day."

But I want to ask you a question today. What difference does Easter mean to you? Has it made a difference
In your life?

What a difference a day makes, the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus I want to share with you several ideas about where Easter make the difference.


Notice what the two disciples said after Jesus had appeared to them on the Emmaus Road in Luke 4:32

When you understand what the resurrection means, you will not have to work up excitement, for it will be natural as a day following night.

We see Peter going from a coward at the fire to a bold preacher in Acts 2:14. Why did it happen? Because, Peter knew Jesus was alive.

Easter can make a difference in you enthusiasm for life. Without it, our life would be one gloomy , dark, dead-end street.

Years ago, a policeman saw Billy Sunday kneeling on a street corner. He thought he was drunk but found out that he was praying and celebrating His Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ. The policeman then said, Billy, you keep it up, I will keep the Crowd away until you finish.

When I think about Jesus coming out of that grave and that Heís alive today, I canít help but get excited about His glorious work.

This past month we had the final four in college basketball. It was called final four excitement. But I tell you real excitement is ďJesus excitementĒ.


These disciples were not roman rocket Christians. They didnít start with a bang and then fizzle out. But they endured until the end of their life. Many of them were faithful even unto death.

I remember watching Jim Brown playing football for the Cleveland Browns. But I was shocked when he retired at an early age of 29. He said, he was just burned out on football.

You and I are not to burn out or rust out for the Lord, but we are keep running the race for Jesus.

I was visiting a man once several years ago while I was in