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the Barbie doll they gave him, bending it over at the waste holding the legs in his hands and shooting it like a gun. Thatís not the way to you play with a Barbie doll, they said and I thought thatís the way you play with it if you are a boy.

Trafton acts like a little man. He is not interested in tea parties or staying clean he wants to bite his cheese sandwiches into guns and shoot his mom or me. Rylan makes noises like Vroom, and beep, beep and he thinks itís funny to burp because thatís how boys act. I didnít teach them how to do those things they just know.

But some boys are confused because as women took the mans role in the home there was nothing left for the man to do so he got bored and left. They left a powerful wife at home to raise the kids. You see we told them that they were not needed, a woman could perform both roles, so the dad in the house was useless and in homes across America dadís left. Left the house, Left the family hurting, and left the family confused.

Now itís 2005 and we have a generation of young men who have no vision. They think real men play football or wrestle on TV, and get paid millions of dollars to play a game. They see men, like presidents or basketball players cheating on their wives and we have told them well thatís just how a man acts.

Church I am here to tell you today thatís not a man. And thatís surely not a man of God.

Today our text comes from the book of Mark Chapter 5:1-19 letís read this story and see what we can learn about being a man on this Fathers Day.

Read Passage

Now there is a lot going on in this passage. We can look at the fact that the demons were afraid of the very presence of Christ, or the fact that they had to ask His permission to go into the pigs. We can look at the fact that the man had not only one struggle or demon but many. But I donít think that those things, even though they are true, are what we need to talk about on Fatherís Day. The one thing I want you to notice today, the whole reason that this story is put in your Bible and mine is because this one man mattered. He was valuable.

First I want you to notice that he was valuable to his community.

Look again at verses 3-4 ďThis man lived in the burial caves. No person could tie him. Even chains could not keep this man tied. Many times people had used chains to tie the manís hands and feet. But the man broke the chains on his hands and feet. No person was strong enough to control him.Ē

This is probably the town where this man grew up. These were the people that he went to school with, that he worked in the fields or the shops with, the people that he counted on to survive and the people who counted on him to survive. Now these same people had tried to tie him up according to verse 5 to keep him from hurting himself.

I wonder how they came to the decision that it was finally time to do something? And how did they decide that tying him up was the best thing?