God, when I couldnít understand why I lost my job, all I do is go to church, study Godís word, preach Godís word, teach Godís word, pray, fast I was doing everything that I was supposed to do as a man of God and in my mind I could think of many people that should have been in this place instead of me, who never want to go to church, who never pick up a Bible or own a Bible, that only ask for someone to pray for them when something is wrong, but will not pray themselves, who are only C-M-E Christians, that means they go to church on Christmas, Motherís Day, and Easter only. I couldnít understand it I preached a message at Bishop Steeleís and the title was ďIím still aliveĒ God blessed in that message in that message I said even if you lose your job as long as you have breath in your body you should give God the praise, that was about 4 years ago I am once again unemployed not of my own doing, but everytime a job seems like it may work out something happens. One job was a division of Enron, you know what happened there, the biggest scandle in history, the other was Kenworth if you donít sale trucks theres not much since in building trucks and now this one which was seasonal any way

If we are truthful with ourselves, there are times that we even get angry with God and say now Lord I am trying to do your will and it seems to me that the folk that arenít even thinking about you seems like they should be the ones running to the unemployment office, they should be the ones whoís children are in trouble, they should be the ones that have problems making ends meet, they should be the ones having to run to the emergency room, one writer said my foot almost slipped, when I look at the wicked, even though I know I should not fret myself of evil doers, but when you look at the wicked and you see that you are still driving that rusted out yugo and driving it giving God the glory on your way to church and your neighbor just bought a brand new Mercedes and is not even thinking about going to any church and you want to say you didnít give that a thought when it came to your mind.

You read the Bible, you are a part-time Bible scholar and you know the scripture and you know that it says the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous and you are struggling to make rent, you find yourself begging and pleading for extension of your loans, paying just enough to keep the electric and gas on until next week, asking mom and dad for their credit card this month, the church to give you a loan and you trying to tell me you didnít give that some thought. Your foot almost slipped. You have been to every service, every convention, every prayer meeting, every Bible class, you havenít missed a Sunday in only God knows when, you teach Sunday school, are on the praise team, direct the choir, get the pastorís water, take up the offering, pick up the fans, make sure the church is locked after every service, drive the van, you give your tithes, yet you are still