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What Are You Waiting For?

TEXT Ė Isaiah 40:31

There is not one place in the bible that tells you to wait for the Lord. It says wait upon the Lord. The revelation of the difference between waiting for the Lord and waiting upon the Lord is the attitude with which we wait. There is waiting and then there is waiting. Most of us are waiting the wrong way. Most Christians wait for God to move with their arms folded, watching their watch and patting their foot, saying ďWhatís taking God so long?Ē It doesnít take God a long time to do anything. There is nothing inept about God. Thereís nothing incapable about God. Thereís nothing incomplete about God. Thereís nothing He canít handle. Thereís nothing He canít do. Thereís nothing that keeps God from doing what He wants to do for me SUDDENLY unless thereís something inept in me, incapable in me, or incomplete in me. There must be something in me that keeps me from handling the suddenly. The fact of the matter is we arenít waiting for God. God is waiting for us. God is waiting for us to start waiting on Him. Waiting for the Lord vs waiting on the Lord is a matter of having the right attitude. Waiting for the Lord vs waiting on the Lord is a matter of asking the right question. I need to stop waiting like a customer in a restaurant and start waiting like a waiter in a restaurant. The right question is not ďWhatís taking so long.Ē The right question is ďMay I take your order.Ē Itís never a question of whether or not God can do it. The question is what am I suppose to do. Waiting on the Lord requires me to do something. It might require me to search. We learned last week that something good can come out of something bad if I allow the test, trial, or tribulation to show me whatís wrong in me. I need to search me. Is there something in me that makes me not ready to receive the suddenly. There could be sin in the camp. There could be fear that holding me here away from the promise of God. There could be doubt that keeping me out of the promise of God. There could be something Iím not believing that is keeping me from receiving the promise of God. I little sin is a big thing. God is waiting for me to search me because thereís nothing wrong with Him. Just ask the children of Israel. They had to search themselves to find out why they could take a little city like Ai. God had already allowed Israel to take Jericho with a shout. God later allow them to take Ai by strategy. God allowed them to take the Gibeonites by surrender. God allowed them to take the 5 kings of the south by surprise. However there was a hold up after Jericho when there was sin the camp. I need to search me to see am I waiting on the Lord or is the Lord waiting for me. The Lord may be waiting for me to search me. The Lord may be waiting for me to serve Him. God may be waiting for me to get off my ďdo nothingĒ and do something. How can we expect to get something when we do nothing. Waiting on the